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The clock was ticking, the time running out fast. Something had to be done, and done real quick. All the mortals were running crazy, and strangely enough, nobody knew that they were mad, real mad. All running, rushing to Godknowswhere. And there I was, far from the maddening crowd, thankful enough to be spared from taking this road to perdition. Is this just wishful thinking. Or is it that it is I who is crazy. Unable to keep up with the pace of today's jet paced fast forward life, trying to resign to a life that maybe I was destined to take, and at the same time, trying hard make myself sound smart enough. The "majorly nonchalant sometimes contemplative" me tries to slow me down, ponder on what I am doing, what I should be doing, while the "ambitious" me pushes me to compete, to run faster than the fastest madman. Poor me! But then, who is me, is it the "majorly nonchalant sometimes contemplative" me or the "ambitious" me, or is it that there is no me after all. Or is it the "others" pulling me in different directions, with the resultant being Me, my Self. But then, it means theres's no Me, but a "us". Ah! this is driving me crazy!!!! 
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