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Rated: E · Short Story · Ghost · #1388449
Grace is not only human.
                                      "Behold the stars sing."

      Staint Cloud was born in a nebula. A Great Spirit grew within the stellar
      particles. "Live in the world." said Saint Cloud. The cloud of instellar
      rays sought out a world in simple submission. Undefiled by flesh;
      Saint Cloud glowed like a radiant insatiable flame.

      The journey at light speed lead to a blue planet. In gentle joy
      Saint Cloud descended upon this moist bride. For seventy and more
      hundred years Saint Cloud scortched the world in search of
      disciples: "If any one would love the Great Spirit; let them join with
      the heavenly flame."

      Once every drop was exhausted from the world, Saint Cloud
      exclaimed, "The world passeth away, but the flame of the Great Spirit
      is forever."

    Reflection: The angels of heaven do not weep for those, who are bent
                      upon worldly pleasures.
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