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Screenplay premise for an animated children's movie about an albino wolf cub's adventures.
Whitey: premise for a screenplay
Whitey is an albino wolf cub. Hidden by his mother until he was weaned, and when discovered he is thrown out of the pack by the alpha male. Rejected repeatedly by several other packs and trying to eke out an existence on his own, he is found and befriended by an unlikely duo. Burke is a large happy-go-lucky Bison and Clementine a nervous jumpy and overly suspicious Roadrunner. Soon after, they run into Verge an easily confused and very lost Oxpecker who somehow ended up in the desert of the south-western United States instead of the Serengeti in Africa after a disastrous attempt at migrating. Verge, being out of his element in the strange place, gloms onto Burke who is the closest thing to an Ox that he has access to. The other Oxpeckers had tricked Verge into attempting to migrate in an attempt to rid themselves of his incessant practical jokes. After falling into our unlikely company he begins playing these jokes on Whitey and Clementine. After one particularly frustrating day Whitey and Clementine decide to turn the tables on Verge. After they put him through the ringer, they both discover that they also enjoy playing practical jokes, so they all sit down and set up the “Joke Rules Treaty” delineating what kind of jokes can be played and how often they can be played.
While out hunting for his dinner Whitey overhears his mother and other members of his old pack making plans to stalk and hunt a “lone” Bison they had just seen. While this “hunting council” is taking place Whitey is discovered and due to his mother’s influence (she is now the alpha female of the pack) he is offered a chance to rejoin the pack and join in the hunt. Whitey is now faced with a dilemma, loyalty to the only Wolf that ever cared about him and through whose influence the rest were willing to give him a place in the pack; or to the only animals that were willing to accept and befriend him while he was still an outcast.
On the pretense of scouting the area to decide where the most effective location for an ambush would be, Whitey engages the help of his friends to sabotage the hunt without it looking as though he was involved. Thanks to their practical joke experience, their efforts are quite effective. In the end Whitey establishes himself as a semi-lone-wolf going back and forth between the pack and his friends. He distinguishes himself as a sort of lone scout that locates prey for the pack, all the while steering them clear of his friends.
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