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Screenplay Festival (www.screenplayfestival.com)
Chrissy K. McVay's screenplays 'Only Eagles Know My Name' & 'Souls of the North Wind' are both semi-finalists in the 2007 Screenplay Festival contest!

'Only Eagles Know My Name' is an adventure/horror loosely based on the mysterious Anasazi tribes who once lived on the Southwestern deserts of the United States.

'Souls of the North Wind' is an adventure/coming-of-age story about two teen Inuit boys being stalked by a legendary beast across the Canadian Tundra.

Both screenplays are adapted from novels. 'Souls of the North Wind' was published in 2005 and is available on amazon. It is also currently being considered by Cine LA.

'Only Eagles Know My Name' is scheduled for release by December 2008.

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