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Life is about learning.

[Enter house, walking angrily to bathroom after throwing items onto floor. You Look at the mirror with ragged eyes. Hate burns in them. You get out white powder. You put it in a neat little line and bend over when you hear knocking. You around look with wild eyes, searching for the source of the noise. Walking to window, you are surprised to see a horrid version of yourself floating there, in mid air, in the cold, dark night. It has blood shot eyes, dull white skin, nasty black hair and a frown so tormented it is eternly burned into his face. You stand bewildered looking at this spectacle.]
Self- What? Never looked in the mirror before you little fuck.
You- Who are you.
Self- You don't get it yet!
You- No, I don't understand why you are here.
Self- Well it IS my house now isn't it?
You- No! It's my house!
Self- Forget this, I am wasting my time.
[ As you start back towards the counter you hear a door slam. You quickly put away the powder and rub your eyes. The bathroom door opens to show yet another grotesque version of you, this time more apathetic than angry. This time he has even worse hair, he smells like rotting flesh, you can see parts of his skin peeling away. Behind the creature is a long trail of blood, dripping out from his feet.]
Self 2- Once again you failed yourself. I failed you. What are you going to do with yourself? Huh? Answer me that.
You- What? I don’t even know what’s going on. Who the are you people.
Self 2- You don’t even recognize… Wow. I’m a failure. Why did I think I could even help you? Why? My life has been for nothing!
You- Help me do what! I don’t understand any of this.
Self 3- You won’t. At least not for awhile.
[ You look right, startled by the worst version of you yet. It is pure white, deformed and sitting in the bath tub. It's arms are twisted, fingers gnarled. It's teeth are black and crooked like jagged rocks. His eyes are pure red except for the dark black pupils glistening in the light. If it weren't for his ability to talk, you'd be unable to believe this thing was real, let alone human. You are mortified by all this when you noticed one similar feature on all these people. A white line under their nose. This shock hits you so deeply you ball up and start to cry. Your world is twisting around you, burning into your skin. You are almost incoherent, these horrendous sights are too much for you. End it now. End it now!]
You- I get it, I finally get it.
Self 1- [Fades away into the night.]
Self 2- Do you? We thought we did too and look at us. [Walks away.]
Self 3- [Gets out of the tub and steps toward you with bloodied wrists.]
Self 3- This is you. [You look at the thing you have become.]
[With this realization you go mad, your mind starts racing, fires everywhere, screaming people, hundreds dead lying in the streets. And then everything explodes. Self 3 touches you and scream, until, you die. The scene fades to white]
You- [Calmly] I messed up. I didn’t get how bad the situation was and I never will. I guess I finally understand. But still, I just don’t get it.
[The End]
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