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Understanding the fem-unique
The Eye
Regal Cinema

        Nice lobby. Robot display cute. They should bring back @Robby the Robot.
        Cute ladies, "Waiting for someone?" Not me. Oooook.

        Theater 17 in the back, take a left on the right by the fire exit... ?
        This is cozy. Me and an elderly couple and a screen the size of
        my bathroom mirror. Fun time! Nope, adverstisements... hmm
        elderly lady is dozing.

        Yeah! Jessica Alba! Milk dud eyes? Still, cute..... gross me out
          eye surgery. ... This is not fun... Yay! She can see! Oh noooooo!
          She can see dead people... Yawn.

                Dead people are not scary. They just have no one to talk to.
                They say hi? And most folks scream and pee themselves.
                It's sad. They just want to chat.

        Preminitions! Coooool! Oh nooooo Jessica don't blind yourself!
        That's not cool. Sigh. She's blind again. Still, cute.

        One snap for Jessica's nude shower screen. Why do cute actresses insist
        on no nude scenes? They should be proud to show off their bods.:)

        Muzzy's treament for The Eye.

                Jessica is a cute blind violinist. She regains her sight by playing
                amazing grace backwards with her feet for the Pope.

                She becomes a nun and emediately begins to heal Regan Republicans.
                She is given a horible vision of the future: Democratic President;
                Muzzy...  God tells Jessica to stop Muzzy from becoming president.

                Jessica is a pacifist and descides to seduce Muzzy from running.
                She appears in Muzzy's van in nuns habit and a nylon cat suit. Meow!
                Jessica nude scene last an hour.

                Muzzy munches on Jessica as she explains why God sent her to him.
                Jessica gets Muzzy to sign in his blood not to run for the Presidency.
                Muzzy tatoos Jessica mound with his name and promise.

                Muzzy runs for and is elected President. Jessica is furious and
                calls a press confrence. She lifts up her nun's dress revealing
                Muzzy's name and promise to wash his hands(written in latin).

                The press breaks out laughing. Jessica asks God why?
                God replies, "I thought you could read." Jessica starts peeling
                her left eye lid with her fingers.

                Muzzy races into the press room and grabs Jessica; planting
                big wet kiss on her succulent lips.:)  She gasps and coughs.
                Muzzy: "For Christ sake don't blind yourself! Be my first lady."

                Jessica giggles and hugs Muzzy. The Press flash cammeras.
                Jessica and Muzzy get married. Muzzy orders a national orgy.
                Jessica blushes; "Everyone's making love for me!"

                Closing frame of an orgy on the White House lawn.

                Sigh.. Now that's entertaiment.


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