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What are we really willing to do for love?
Could you love me if I were richer?
Let it go that you’re a bitcher
Bent my will just short of breaking

Could you love me if I was dimmer
Showed a bit more random emotion
Tried to yell but didn’t let go

Could you love me if I were taller
If my waist were a bit smaller
If my eyes were a bit bluer

Could you love me if my boobs were bigger?
If I overlooked your easy trigger
Looked away when you flirt back

Could you love me if I went undercover
Looked a bit more like your mother
Loved and lost but smiled through it

Could you love me if I were quiet
Shopped for love but didn’t buy it
Lured them all instead of casting

Could you love me if I crumbled
Showed my flaws but never stumbled
Sounded like the angels singing

Could you love me if my hair was longer
If my arms and will were stronger
If my gnawed nails grew a tad faster

Could you love me if I wrote you a song
But didn’t make the chorus too long
If I sang it in your favorite dress

Could you love me, think about it
If I professed my love but didn’t shout it
If I gave you my soul to keep

Could you love me, don’t deny it
If I sucked it up and let you try it
Pretended I liked the same things you do
Could you make me feel less blue?
Could you love me could you love me
If I let you push and shove me
Took my love from black to pink
Could you do it, do you think?
Could you love me even if I blew it?
Believed your lies but never knew it
If I put your needs before mine
Not just once, but all the time?
Could you love me, final answer,
If I had the soul of a private dancer
The brain of a Nobel winner
The patience of a saint
The virtue of a nun
The beauty of a goddess
Could you love me, just be honest…
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