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Wrote this as a College Freshman: I may not know what my purpose is, but I know I have one
I'm like a dandelion seed
except not white as snow.
I'm picked up from my stem like base
and with the wind I blow.
I twist and turn and flutter about
with every ebb and flow.

As the landscape changes around me,
I ask, "Where am I to go?"
The wind says, "Let me carry you."
I shudder and shout, "No!"
I fight with all my might
against something I don't know.

I float into a giant nest
belonging to a crow.
It pecks at me, this tiny seed,
and so I just let go.
The wind comes back, as I cry out,
and pulls me from the row.

"Now, Don't you see you're safe with me"
I simply utter, "Oh."
It sets me in the countryside
where I begin to grow.

Then one day a little girl
was playing to and fro.
She came across my path
where I sat, delicate as a bow.
She picked me up and closed her eyes
then with a mighty blow,
set my new seedlings afloat
to put on their own show.

She laid my stem down on the ground
and I smiled even though.
Because of what I meant to her,
a wish I'll never know.
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