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Peter Poo - Head, Billy, Benny and Jenny go looking for adventure by the sea!

Peter Poo-head had 3 very special friends.  Their names were Billy, Benny and Jenny.
Poo-head was not his real name.  It is a secret how Peter got his name of Poo-head.  Only Harry and Maisie know that secret.  I bet they remember what happened in his class when he got his name of Poo-head.
Peter Poo-head and Billy were in the garden playing football when along came Jenny and Benny.  As they were on school holidays they all wanted to do something exciting?
Peter Poo-head said, “Let’s all get on a train to the seaside and have an adventure”
The other 3 all thought that was a good idea.  They were very naughty because they told their Mum’s that they were all going to the park.
Off they went to the train station.  They all had their pocket money with them so they had enough money to pay for their fare and to get a burger if they got hungry.
Soon the train pulled into the station at the seaside.  All 4 of them decided they would stay together all the time in case one of them got lost.
Peter Poo-head said they should go straight to the beach and they all agreed with him.  Off they ran all the way to the beach and they were all singing along the way.  “We are of to the beach, to have a lovely time, we are of to the beach, and every thing is fine”
When they got to the beach, Jenny said, “We haven’t got any swim suits”.  Benny said, “We shall have to swim in our pants”.
They folded their clothes in a tidy pile and left them by a rock on the beach.  They all went into the water and played and swam for a long while.  Billy thought he saw something swimming in the water a short way out.  They all decided to swim a little further to have a look.
They could not believe their eyes.  Swimming around in a circle was a Dolphin.  They all heard a voice say, “Would you like to swim on my back”.  They all looked round them but could not see anyone.  Peter Poo-head said, “It’s the Dolphin talking to us”.
Suddenly the Dolphin jumped in the air and came down with a big splash right next to the 4 children.  “Jump on my back” he said.
All 4 children thought what a great adventure this would be, so they all climbed on the Dolphin’s back.  They all had to hold on tight because his back was very slippery.
The Dolphin said, “My name is Danny Dolphin and I always come to this seaside to play with the children that are swimming in the water”
He swam and he jumped and the 4 children had a lovely time.  The day passed so quickly it was soon time to get back to the beach and to get the train home.
Danny the Dolphin swam as close to the beach as he could to let the children of his back.  They did not want to leave him behind.  “Can we come another day to swim with you please?” said Peter Poo-head.
Danny Dolphin told them he would watch out for them the next time they come to the beach.  “I want you all to be my special friends and the next time you visit me we will have a special adventure”.
The children were still wet but they put on their clothes and had to hurry to the train station to get the train back home.  They had such a lovely time they forgot to buy their burger so they were all very hungry.
When they got home to Peter Poo-head’s house his Mum said, “Where have you all been all day”.  As they wanted to keep their secret they just told Mum they had been to the park and forgot the time.  They all had their tea and ate everything on the table because they were all so hungry. 
They all thought what a lovely adventure they had and decided to go again next week to see Danny Dolphin.
But that will be another adventure.          THE END

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