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Rated: E · Short Story · Children's · #1390788
Peter and his friends, Benny, Billy and Jenny, were wondering what to do?

Peter and his friends, Benny, Billy and Jenny, were wondering what to do with the last day of their school holidays.
They had been to the park about six times, they had been to the pictures twice and had a couple of trips to the local woods.
Peter suggested they all count up their pocket money. They did not have very much pocket money left as they had been doing lots of things on the school holidays. When Peter counted all the pocket moneys they had seven pounds and twenty pence between them.
Peter said “let’s go to the seaside and see if we can see Danny the Dolphin one more time”. Jenny said she would get her Mum to do a picnic for them all. This would save them having to buy a snack while they were out. Billy said they should take their swimming trunks and beach towels this time so they would not have to swim in their pants again.
By 9 ‘0’ clock on the last day of their school holidays they were ready to go to try to see Danny the Dolphin.
Peter paid for the train tickets, they had enough money left to buy a drink later on in the day. The train pulled into the station and they all jumped in an empty carriage. They were all excited to think they would be seeing Danny the Dolphin once again. The seaside station was only a short journey from their home and soon they were arriving.
Billy thought the best idea was to go straight to the beach and try to see if Danny was anywhere to be seen. They all trotted of down the long road, which led them to the beach. They all ran as fast as they could, they couldn’t wait to see Danny once again. They changed into their swimming costumes and left their clothes in a tidy pile near a big boulder on the beach.
Benny was the first one to reach the sea and he ran into the small waves splashing the other three as they ran behind him. Peter said “I will get you for that” and he splashed Benny back. They were having great fun in the water when they heard a voice say “Hello my friends”. It was Danny the Dolphin. The four friends were so pleased to see him they all rushed forward together. “ I am so glad you have come today,” said Danny. “I am going to swim round the other side of the beach to rescue my friends, would you like to come with me”?
Danny told the four friends that his little fish friends were all caught in a large fishing net, which the fishermen had left to catch them with. Some of the fishes that were in the net were only babies and they were crying for their Mum. The fishermen would be coming back in about an hour to see what they had caught in their nets. This meant that Danny only had a short time to rescue his friends.
The four friends got onto Danny’s back and were soon swimming with him round to the other side of the beach. By the rocks they saw lots of nets dangling in the sea. The nets were full of fish and all of them were Danny’s friends. Danny swam near to the rocks and Peter, Benny, Billy and Jenny jumped of his back to look what they could do to help rescue the poor fishes. The baby fish were crying and the older fish were trying to comfort them. “Please don’t cry, Danny the Dolphin is here to help us now” said one of the bigger fish.
Danny could not get near to the rocks to release the top of the net, which would let all the fishes escape. Peter clambered over the rocks and called to Billy to follow him. “When I lift this rock, you pull the net out” said Peter. Billy did what Peter told him and soon the net was free of the rocks and floating in the sea. This let all the fishes escape and they all started swimming back out to sea. The baby fishes Mums were all waiting for them.
Danny the Dolphin said to the four friends, “ You were very brave to climb on those rocks and release all those fishes, and you will all be my friends forever”. The children climbed onto Danny’s back and were soon back into the beach area where their clothes were. Danny suggested they all have their picnic lunch and then he would take them for a long ride out to sea. They were all very hungry after their adventure with the fishes. They soon ate all their food and were ready for Danny to give them their ride out to sea.
They climbed onto Danny’s back and were soon having a great time swimming out to sea. They met Danny’s friend the sea lion and he showed the children all the tricks he could do balancing things on his nose. When Danny took them back they passed the beach where the fisherman had their nets. As they looked over they saw them shaking their heads wondering what had happened to all the fish they had caught. They all laughed.
It was time to say goodbye to Danny the Dolphin and make their way back home. They were all sad to leave Danny but promised they would come back again and see him.
They all changed their swimming clothes, got dressed and started to make their way to the train station. They were soon home and ready for their beds. All four friends had to go back to school next day but what a great adventure they had.
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