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by Eric
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A brief analysis of religion and how it has been affected by science
---The Big Bang Theory:  How Scientists Proved the Existence of a Higher Being---

Since the beginning of time mankind has attempted to explain their origins with religion.  As capable science developed to refute the creation stories of religions from around the world, academia proceeded to deem these stories primitive and naïve attempts to explain the unknown.  But in their efforts to disprove the existence of a God, they have only made the case for a higher being stronger.

Let us look at religion itself.  As humans began work together and form nomadic groups and eventually villages and towns, they naturally tried to explain how they had come to be there with tales of a creator.  This is to be expected in such a time, with lack of any scientific knowledge to refute such creation stories.  Every religion claimed their God (or gods) created the Universe.  Obviously, every religion in the world cannot be just in their claims or else we would have thousands of different Earths.  What is more likely to be true, and simply easier to see conceptually, is that each religion refers to the same Higher Being, only interprets its existence differently.  It's kind of like 100 people making a chocolate chip cookie, but with a different recipe.  They might have had 100 unique paths to get there, but in the end they all had produced a chocolate chip cookie (or multiple cookies for those Polytheists).  So thus far, we have established that religions basically refer to the same Higher Being.

Modern Science has produced a common belief that religion is obsolete in a sophisticated society.  It has been proposed that the Universe was simply created from nothing, "The Big-Bang Theory".  In fact, the theory itself does not involve a "Big-Bang", but more accurately a materialization of matter which is then heated and expands gradually like the Universe now.  The only problem with this explanation of the Universe is that it breaks the two most important and fundamental laws of Science today: Conservation of Mass and the Conservation of Energy.  These two laws state that at no time, can mass ever be created or destroyed, the same goes for energy.  How then, can an entire universe simply materialize from absolutely nothing?  Most scientists now believe that their existed some type of energy source at the time of the Big-Bang.  How else can this energy be described but by the existence of a Higher Being?  To further this case is the existence of equal and opposites in nature: Protons and electrons for example.  Even the matter that we see, feel, and interact with every single day has been proven to have an opposite (dark matter).  This, combined with the proven Higher Being, implies that there exists an opposite to that Being (God vs. Satan, or even karma, which believes that good reciprocates good and evil reciprocates evil.).  Most every religion is wrapped around this good vs. evil fight.  Now science tries to prove that religion has been wrong by proving the existence of equal/opposite...interesting.

More and more people these days are backing away from religion, simply for the fact that religions are generally morally constricting.  People listen to all the talk about how science has proved religion futile and no longer see a reason to follow the path set for them.  I cannot find it in me to sympathize with those who overlook the flaws of the science that attempts to explain the origins of the Universe we live in.  We live in a world that simply has no patience for faith.  When the answer that they have been searching for (to the question, "How can I know that there is a God") is staring them in the face, they turn a cold shoulder and pretend to not hear.  If only they knew...
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