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Article looking at different reviews of the WEN hair care system
    Does the WEN hair care system work?  In order to answer this, I will give you a brief overview of what the product actually is.  The WEN hair care system is made up of natural ingredients, without harsh chemicals or detergents.  The shampoo was formulated to clean and condition at the same time, but it does not lather.  According to the WEN website, it becomes luxurious foam when combined with water.  For $29.95, plus shipping and handling of $5.95 the website sends you a 12 oz WEN cleansing conditioner, a 2 oz WEN styling cream, a 2 oz WEN Remoist intensive hair repair mask, a free 10g texture balm, and a free wide tooth comb. 

    If you totally trust the website, this amazing product transforms coarse, limp, fine, frizzy, dry, colored or processed, damaged, short and wavy, curly/frizzy, oily/thin, and very long hair with flyaways in a matter of three weeks.  Of course all the reviews of the product on the website touted this as an amazing system that worked for all of these hair types.  Looking else where, you find that there are definitely mixed reviews.

    There were several reviews that complained of the "heavy" scent of the product, although there were also many that found after trying different scents they were able to find one they liked.  There were reviews that complained that after using the product their hair became flat, dull, and heavy feeling.  One woman who said that she had "Afro cottony hair" said that the product was not consistent, and that her results were "iffy" at best.  This same woman stated that she had actually met Chaz Dean, the creator of this line, and he admitted that most of the women of color used in his ads had weaves.

    A few of the reviews remarked that the product seemed to do okay on their hair, but that their scalps felt oily afterward.  Other women stated that the shampoo was good and performed well; however, the rest of the product line was filled with too much silicone and other synthetics.  Most of the women who reviewed this product line said that they did not use it every time they cleansed or conditioned, and many mixed the shampoo with a deep conditioning treatment.  There were also several women who found that much cheaper products worked the same, if not better on their hair.

    Overall, it seems that the WEN system is much like any other new product.  It works for some people, but does not give the same results for others.  There seems to be no product out there that is able to do entirely what it promises on all hair types.  A woman's hair differs from one person to the next; it can easily be assumed that if there were a product out there that was able to fix all hair issues for every woman, it would be even more costly than the WEN system.
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