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a little rant about Valentine's Day. ***UPDATED for Valentine's 2009!***
*Note*The first part of this was written by Marie Green, on Valentine's Day 2008. The second part was written on February 11, 2009*Note*
*Heart*This was posted on wdc on February 25th, 2008, and updated on February 11, 2009*Heart*

         As you may have already guessed, today is Valentine's Day. I strongly dislike Valentine's Day. It is--in my eyes--a "Hallmark Holiday". A "Hallmark Holiday" is a holiday that is used mainly to increase sales of items that nobody needs. Another "Hallmark Holiday" is Halloween. I don't like "Hallmark Holidays". "Hallmark Holidays" are just another way that the government and the international economy think that they can rip us off. Well, they are WRONG! I will not fall for their illogical excuses to get me to waste my money!

         This year, I am a little less bitter about Valentine's Day. Although, that does NOT mean that I am any less against it. It DOES mean that I now see what other people might get out of it...A feeling of love, and acceptance. But, to tell the truth, having everyone talk about what their boyfriend, girlfriend, or significant other got for them, really annoys those of us who don't have one. It makes us feel like we aren't loved and accepted like we're supposed to be. Now, I know that we don't need a significant other in order to be loved and accepted; but having the fact that we don't rubbed in our faces, really makes us miserable. And that misery pressures us to find one, and that's WRONG! Finding a significant other because of a lousy holiday, is not the way to find someone to spend the rest of your life with!
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