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"..Occasionally, we meet...recapturing the passion and longing for each other's company.."
Our busy lives interact by phone;
Occasionally, we meet on our respective sides
Of the San Francisco Bay,
Recapturing the passion and longing
For each other’s company.
Working six grueling days a week,
She earns a temporary living
To pay for her education in the South Bay;
I visit her, feeling her fierce love, radiant attraction and intense fire –
Her smile invoking sweet memories;
Her sweet and soulful voice melodically speaking
The true essence of our structured and worthwhile meetings.
Despite our busy lives and brief moments together,
We enjoy each other’s engaging hospitality –
During our playful and sweet encounters,
Wetly kissing and feeling the warmth and tenderness of human flesh
And discussing the past, present, and future
With intimacy and care –
For our plans most definitely involve
Being together for this brief time
And for more extended time soon.
For love’s sake, we will endure these long distances and times apart –
With God’s mercy, we will re-unite often,
Treasuring each other’s passionate company to the fullest. 
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