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After all he had done, THIS is how he's rewarded? Entry for Writer's Cramp 2/26/09; won
Edward Grant stared at the message in his hands, unbelieving. Surely this was a mistake. It couldn’t be the end. But there it was in black and white, an order from President Knight.

To Edward Grant, head of organization ORION:

By order of Jamison Knight, President of the Allied Regions of Eastern Savannah, the establishment known heretofore as ORION is herewith disbanded, and Project Alpha Genesis is terminated.

Opal Thatcher
         Secretary to the President

The letter fluttered to his lap, his gray eyes turning to the window. A pair of squirrels went unnoticed as they scampered about searching for food for the coming winter. At long last, a scowl filled his tanned features. So, he thought, the rage building like a volcano, after everything we have done for him, got him into power, this is how he treats us? Like we are nothing?!

A plan began to form in his mind. Jamison Knight would not get away with this. He pressed a button on the intercom, and moments later his secretary Janice James, a tall redheaded woman, entered the room.

“Jan, I need the car. Our dear friend Jamison wants us shut down.” He put on a leering smile. “We must obey orders.”

Janice’s mouth fell open in shock. “Sir?”

“Just send for the car,” he barked.

“Y-yes sir.”

When the door closed behind her, Edward reached for the chain around his neck, pulling it free. A large silver key dangled from the chain, a key that would open a locked box hidden in a location known only to himself. He stared at the key for nearly a minute. Decision made, he slid it back beneath his shirt, then stood and picked up the letter.

Janice was at her desk. “The car will be here in another minute, sir.”

He nodded. “Put this through the shredder, then burn it.”

As Jan slowly accepted the letter, he said, “Ms. James, you never saw this letter. If asked, you have never heard of the ORION organization and you do not know me.”

Jan nodded. “I have been working independently,” she recited, knowing the story by heart for years.

Two hours later found him on a plane bound out of the country. Edward Grant, who was no longer Edward Grant, but Robert Faulkner, had checked no luggage, carried only one bag, the briefcase that held the notebook with all remaining information on Project Alpha Genesis, which was currently being disbanded. At least, that’s what the president would hear. Edward would create a new life elsewhere, rebuild slowly so that he would not attract attention. In time, he would strike back and Jamison Knight would regret crossing him.

Word count: 444
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