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Rated: E · Interview · Mystery · #1393673
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                *Oh! What ravishing delights does the soul taste which
                  is accustomed, by familiar habit, to converse with
                  Angels. Worldly wonders of holy solitary time buried
                  interior of profound silence; converse with far greater
                  being beyond reason.*

    The city of planets lay out before the star ship. Science had been forsaken,
    for a passion to follow the Angel. The Angel stood at the captains side and
    at the side of all the planets leaders. Nor will the Angel's work cease while
    the race of man continues. The captain, a slender radiant warrior maiden,
    looks to the Angel in golden armor for obedience. He is like a knight and
    a ghost: Angelic.

                        "How far must we travel?" asks Captain Pelham.

                        "I am there. You will follow." the Angel's voice whispers.

    In an instant of brilliant light every city and star ship is erased... Captain
    Pelham and her crew stand naked in a green field beneath a brilliant blue
    sky with white clouds. The Angel has vanished.. There are trees with sweet
    fruit and a happy brook.. They eat and drink and love.. They have found
    happiness... There is no struggle.

                        *We have come a long Way in our dream,
                          but we have not moved from our place.*


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