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Superman experiences an amazon punishment.
Wonder Woman had come back to Paradise Island to relax and briefly get away for the stressful life of being a super-hero. She loved the air of her homeland and was really enjoying herself when her vacation was suddenly cut short. An Amazon soldier had told that her mother had scheduled an emergency council meeting and needed her to be there. Diana immediately noticed the urgency in soldier’s voice and rushed to meet her mother. When she arrived at the council’s meeting place, Diana immediately noticed the serious look on her mother’s face.
“You wished to see me mother?” Diana asked.
Hypolyta nodded.
“Bring out the captive” Hypolyta ordered.
The Amazon warriors brought out a chained Superman.
“Mom what’s this?” Diana said shocked.
“Once again this warrior has violated the rules and entered Paradise Island. This time I’m afraid I can’t waive the punishment.”
“Mom you can’t mean…”
“That’s exactly what I mean child…there’s a reason why we have this rule. This island is a sacred place protected by the gods and they don’t like trespassers. I’ve already forgiven him several times before and the gods are furious with me about it. If I let him slide again they are likely to sink this island into the water.”
“Just let me test him out with my lasso!” Diana said. “I’m sure that he has a good reason for coming here that even the gods would forgive.”
Hypolyta considered. “I don’t think that…”
“Please mother!!!!!!” Diana begged.
Hypolyta sighed. “Fine but if he doesn’t have a really good reason for being here, You’re going to be the one to punish him yourself.”
Diana nodded. She didn’t have to worry about it coming to that. Superman was one of the biggest stickler for rules that Diana had ever met. If he was here, there was probably a world threat that he needed her aid for. Diana untangled her magic lasso
“Sorry about this,” She whispered to her friend. “Just be honest and I’ll have you out of this situation soon.”
She wrapped the lasso around Superman’s neck.
“Ok!” she said nodding to her mother and then looking back at Superman. “So tell me what you are doing here?”
“I came here to see you” Superman said.
Wonder Woman frowned. That wasn’t exactly the answer she was hoping for. Maybe she needed to be more specific with her questions.
“You mean you needed my help right?” She said hopefully.
Superman looked like he was struggling for a couple of seconds before he answered.
“No…I just missed you,” he said.
Diana could feel the cold gaze of her mother and the other amazons bearing down on them. She was becoming desperate.
“Surely there most be some important reason why you would violate the rules. Please tell me what it is!” She said.
C’mon Clark, She thought, At least give me something I could work with.
“I just wanted to see your beauty in person again! I couldn’t help myself.” Superman said looking like he was struggling to avoid saying the next line. “…I love you.”
Diana was shocked. She always knew her friend was attracted to her but she had no idea it ran so deep. He must have really wanted to see her very badly to violate the moral code that she had always identified him with. While she was touched that he was that attracted to her, Diana knew the other amazons wouldn’t see it that way. She didn’t know what to ask next.
“But you knew this island was forbidden. My mother even warned you about the wrath of the gods.”
Superman still under the lasso’s spell nodded.
“I knew...but I didn’t care.” he said. “That trespassing rule sounded silly and I was willing to risk it. I also didn’t think I’d be caught.”
Lightning and Thunder appeared in the skies. Clearly the Gods were not happy with Superman’s confession.
Diana sighed. She quickly removed her lasso before the man of steel said anything more damaging.
“Ok…so he made a mistake,” Wonder Woman acknowledged. “But surely it doesn’t warrant the punishment you have in mind for him.”
“Enough daughter!!” Hypolyta shouted furiously. She looked like she wanted to walk off her throne and slap the princess in the face. “You have made excuses for him and I have accommodated more than I would any other amazon. You put your reputation on the line for this man and he is making a fool of you. Don’t you feel ashamed or embarrassed?!!!”
Wonder Woman didn’t know what to say. She knew her mother was right but at the same time she was still worried about her friend.
Her mother continued her lecture. “Plus by now it should be obvious that the Gods are furious about this. Are you willing to risk hundreds of lives and the destruction of your home by overlooking his mistake?”
Diana still hesitated.
“But he loves me mother.” She said. She wanted to add that she loved him as well.
“I know,” Hypolyta said suspecting her daughter’s feelings and softening a bit. “That is why I’m going to have you keep up your end of the bargain. You are going to be the one to administer his punishment.”
“Mother I don’t know if I could do that to him,” Wonder Woman said.
“I’ll strip you of your powers and banish you if you don’t” Hypolyta told her. “Besides I’ll just assign someone else to carry his punishment out. This way at least you can ease him into his fate.”
Wonder Woman considered. She realized that there was no way out of this. Superman had pretty much forced her hand. At least if she was the one to carry out his punishment, she could keep his suffering at a minimum.
“Fine I’ll do it mother!” She said.
“Promise me you’ll carry out my sentence to the full extent!” Hypolyta said knowing that once her daughter gave her word, she would never go back on it.
For a second Wonder Woman paused. She knew that by giving her word to her mother, she was sealing Superman’s fate. Eventually she gave a determined nod.
“I promise!!”
“Good!!!” Her mother said giving a satisfied smile.
Wonder Woman looked at her friend apologetically.
“Sorry Clark…but you brought this on yourself!”
Superman was surprised that his friend had given up trying to protect him.
“Diana wait! What are you doing?” he asked. “Don’t give up on me!”
Wonder Woman ignored him and nodded to the Amazon guards near him.
“Take him to my chambers,” She said. “I’ll start his punishment there!”

Superman struggled as the guards dragged him away.
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