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Superman finds himself at the mercy of Wonder Woman's feet.
Chapter 2
Wonder Woman had a surprisingly modest room for a princess. Though it was considerably large in size, it didn’t have a lot of furniture. Other than a bed and a small table and wardrobe, there wasn’t much else in it. The walls were undecorated and the floor were uncarpeted. For Superman it wasn’t a big jump seeing the room as a prison.
The guards made Superman kneel in the center of the room waiting for Wonder Woman to attend to him. The stone floor felt cold and hard against his knees. He was glad that he was invulnerable otherwise he imagined he would be pretty sore.
He wasn’t kept waiting very long. Wonder Woman entered the room a few minutes later. He looked at Wonder Woman pleadingly but his friend wouldn’t even make eye contact with him instead she looked at the guards.
“Unchain him” She ordered.
“Are you sure” The other amazons asked.
The princess nodded.
“I assure you he won’t cause me any trouble”
The other amazons nodded and unchained Superman. Superman rubbed his limbs. It felt good to have those chains off.
When they were finished, Wonder Woman looked at the guards.
“Ok! Now you two can leave us.” She said.
“Princess?” One of the guards asked hesitantly.
“I don’t need you anymore…please go,” Wonder Woman told them.
“But…don’t you…” One of guards asked trying to find the right words to voice her concern.
“Now!!” Women said adding a slight edge to her voice.
The guards quickly obeyed her and left the room.
As soon as they were alone together, Wonder Woman looked at Superman concerned.
“Are you all right Clark? Those didn’t hurt you did they?” she asked.
“No I’m fine!!” he said.
“Good!” She slapped Superman in the back of his head.
“Ow!” he said. “What the heck was that for?”
“Isn’t it obvious? You know Clark, You’re a real idiot. If you wanted to see me all you had to do was ask!” She said angrily.
“Sorry,” Superman said. “I didn’t think it would be such a big deal.”
The Amazon princess shook her head.
“Does this look like a small matter to you?” She asked. Despite the grim situation they were in, Wonder Woman couldn’t help giving her friend a small smile. “How did they catch you anyway?”
Superman gave Wonder Woman an embarrassed look.
“Artemis and some other amazons blindsided me while I was busy trying to find you. They’re pretty quick and stealthy for humans. I also made the mistake of not using my speed to avoid the chains. How was I supposed to know they would hold?”
“I should have guessed it was Artemis,” Wonder Woman said. “Unfortunately for you those chains were forged by Hephaestus himself. Even with your special abilities, you wouldn’t be able to escape them.”
Diana stared at her friend affectionately for a long time attempting to ingrain into her memory the vision of him being the strong hero she wanted to remember him as. The poor kryptonian had no idea what was in store him. In a way what she was about to do to him would be like killing him. Once she started administering his punishment, he would never be the same again.
It was Superman who broke the silence.
“What’s going to happen now Diana?” he asked.
Wonder Woman considered the best way to answer that.
“It will be ok Clark,” She said finally.
Superman got hopeful. He took Diana’s comment to mean she was still on his side.
“Are you going to help me escape? Have me pretend to knock you out like we did on Apokolips when Darkseid thought he brainwashed you?”
For a second Diana considered letting him go. Unfortunately she had already promised her mother that she would carry out his punishment. Also there was the wrath of the Gods to think of. The lives of her family and friends as well as an entire island were at stake. She had to set her personal feelings for Superman aside and do what she needed to for the greater good.
“I’m afraid it’s not that simple Clark,” She said slowly. “You put yourself in this situation and I have no choice but to punish you the way my mother intended.”
“What do you mean?” Superman asked.
Wonder Woman sighed.
“Clark you deserve to know the truth. I’m going to slowly break you until you a whimpering shell of your former self. By the time I’m done with you…you’ll be a devoted Amazon slave completely obedient to any woman’s orders.”
For a second Superman thought his friend was joking. However, when he looked at Diana’s expression, he could tell she was being deadly serious.
“Diana, what makes you think I’ll go along with this?” He asked.
“You don’t have a choice Clark,” Wonder Woman said gently. “However, taking our friendship into account, I’ll try and make the transition as easy and painless as possible. You might even enjoy some parts of it.”
“Diana I’m obviously not going to let you do this to me!! I’ll escape on my own if necessary but I have no intention of being your slave.”
“I’m not letting you go Clark,” Wonder Woman told him. “I’ll physically keep you here if I have to!!”
“How are you going to stop me? Are you going to try and catch me with your lasso before I super-speed myself out of here?” Superman asked skeptically.
Wonder Woman smiled. One of the things she liked about Superman was that he was always overly optimistic. There was no way he was escaping her. Even with his powers he wouldn’t even be a challenge. She knew how to easily bring him to his knees. She decided to let him try just for fun.
“Who says I need my lasso?” Wonder Woman laughed.
“You’re playing on taking me on barehanded?” The man of steel said in disbelief. “You don’t think you’d really be able to disable me…do you?”
Wonder Woman leaned in and whispered in his ear, “Easily.”
“Prove it,”
Wonder Woman smiled and seductively rubbed her hand against his strong chest.
“I’ll tell you what…let’s make a little wager! If I can keep you here that means you’re gonna experience the full punishment and despite the fact that I tried to get your sentence reduced, I won’t take it easy on you! However, if you can make it out the doorway, I’ll be willing to risk my mother’s wrath and avoid administering your punishment.”
Superman frowned
“I don’t want you to get in trouble Diana,” he said.
Wonder Woman smiled.
“That’s sweet but you don’t have to worry about me! I won’t lose this bet.”
Superman was curious now. His JLA teammate seemed awfully confident. He wondered what trick she had up her sleeve. “I think you’re all talk!” he said.
Wonder Woman gestured at the doorway.
“The exit is right over there.”
“Fine you’re on!!”
Putting Wonder Woman to the test, Superman began to walk slowly toward the doorway. To his surprise Wonder Woman made no move to stop him. Just as he touched the doorknob, he heard Wonder Woman sigh.
“You know it’s a hot day and I’ve been on my feet since this morning. I really need to get out of these hot boots.”
Clark stopped at the doorway. He suddenly turned and looked at his friend. Wonder Woman grinned as she began to tug at her red and white boots. Superman watched as she pulled them off exposing her large but sexy feet.
Almost robotically, Superman began to stare at his friend’s feet. No matter how hard he tried he couldn’t take his eyes off them. He had seen them a couple of times and he was always impressed by how powerful they looked. He imagined that if Wonder Woman tried, she could easily use her bare feet to shatter stone.
“What the matter Clark?” Wonder Woman asked smirking. “You look like you’ve been exposed to kryptonite. Are you feeling all right?”
She playfully wiggled her powerful toes.
Superman felt his knees buckle. Somehow staring at Wonder Woman’s feet made him feel weaker and weaker.
“It looks like you can’t take your eyes off my feet” the super-heroine noted smiling. “I thought you were going to escape. You’d better hurry before I decide to keep you here and punish you.”
“I-I” Superman said. Part of him wanted to rush for the door but another part of him wanted to stay there and stare at her.
Wonder Woman smiled and began to use her toes to play with her boots.
"Or do you want to stay here and give me a foot massage?" She asked sexily rubbing her feet against the floor.
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