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A girl has had a rough time and decides to take it all away
While standing by the bathtub
My face is wet with tears
My hair is matted
My sleeves rolled up
I look at myself in the mirror
And think what have I done
To be beaten and bruised like this
My mind is racing with thoughts
Of what had happened
I cry harder
I don't understand
I pick up the blade and press it deep
Into my wrists
Feeling the blood ooze out of my skin
Watching it drip onto the floor
I feel dizzy and I fall to the floor
Lying in the pool of blood around me
I start to feel good
I laugh at what I had done
And say "God help me"
I lay there for hours
Thinking and bleeding
Bleeding and thinking
About my past and about my future
What I could have been before this
But it's too late
I'm dead on the floor
Losing body heat by the hour
Standing there looking at my body
I smile and think to myself
"I can finally be happy."
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