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A commentary on overcoming obstacles and hurdles
Hey People...I know its been forever in the day since you guys have seen and read one of these from me..First and foremost, Happy New Years everyone.. I hope last year ended with a bang and this year is starting with a sizzle..Remember RESOLUTIONS are temporary but REVALATIONS are forever..I'm not even going to attempt to fill in on the happenings in my life Please just know that I am to blessed to be stressed and things are progressing lovely for your girl jenn. Anyways a very good friend of mine told me to release some of my negative energy therapeutically by doing what I love to do and that is" write" so in the words of Slick Rick people " Here we go". I'm totallyfreestyling here so bear with me...I think Iwant to write about overcoming certain hurdles that present themselves in your everyday life .oh yeah you guys know what "hurdle" I speak of. its a universal fact, that everyone has their own hurdle to overcome.. Whether its something serious as trying to quitting smoking, binge drinking or an illness or something more mundane like keeping your attitude in check,cursing, or getting to work on time..its a task that needs to be attacked with determination and tenacity...its real easy to relax and try to slowly go around your hurdle or even push the thought out of your head that its NOT something that needs to be dealt with... Personally, I think everything happens for a reason and so if you can find it within yourself to overcoming whatever hurdle you must jump...that accomplishment will not only inflate your confidence but it will get you ready for the next situation put in front of you. Breakdown....believe that all things are possible and the lesson of the day is even when things are looking a little cloudy in your world, just know that beyond the clouds waits some sunshine for you.The main point is this, don't give up it's time to live up

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