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The truth about Foxes
        Another dreary grey day. I ponder the meaning of snow. Is it icy rain?
        What does it all mean? Seasons past and future. I flip through the
        cable channels. Perhaps, a book. @Yellow Pages.. Pizza?
        @Baby Doll? Hmmmm.

        Bing Bong! That must be my @Baby Doll. I open the door.
        Muzzy: "Your Teri Hatcher."

        Teri: "Yeah. I'm your @Baby Doll."

        Muzzy: "Seriously, you are Teri Hatcher?"

        Teri: "Yes! I just want to be your @Baby Doll.(killer look)"

        Muzzy: "Don't you have an exfootball player husband?"

        Teri: "Just take your clothes off.(Turns on boombox)"

        Teri begins to dance to "LOVER BOY". She is wearing a red riding hood
        spandex speedo with black fishnet tights and spike red thigh high boots.
        Her hands run over her slender body and raise up her long raven hair.
        Teri: "What are you doing?"

        Muzzy: "I'm sure I have a get-up just like that one."

        I pull out piles of jumpsuits and catsuits and speedos. Until, I find my
        fox tail spandex. It has some holes in the fishnet, but it's still sexy.

        Muzzy: "What-yah, think?"

        Teri: "(Big toothy smile)Your cute."

        Muzzy: "May I dance with you?"

        Teri: "Of course!.. (Runs her hands over Muzzy's Foxy tail)"

        Muzzy: "Foxes are cats... Purrrrrrr"

        Teri: "Let me see your pussy.(Chesser Cat smile)"

        Teri and Muzzy roll about on the bed, while my tomcat Rusty cleans
        his secrets on top of the dresser.

        Muzzy: "You pierced your hoo-ha?"

        Teri: "It's a @Hollywood thing."

        Muzzy: "Honestly, your Teri Hatcher; right?"

        Teri: "Yeah and foxes are cats."


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