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Anticipation and confrontation
"The Donut"

Chocolate, enormous and mouth watering. It just looks so good!

"Thanks Mr. Fields, like I really need this!" thought Elena, as she continued working on her overdue presentation.

"One donut won't hurt Elena!", exclaimed Mr. Fields as he slowly entices the glistening pastry in front of her.

"I know sir, but I do have a wedding to go to this weekend and I would really like to fit in the $700 dollar dress my aunt is paying for!"

"Okay!", says the defeated boss. "I'll just leave it here in case you want it later."

Elena, continues with her assigned duties but is overwhelmed by the delicious aroma of the newly baked chocolate love pie. She stops typing and stares at it like an unwrapped Christmas gift.

"Oh my god, how it would taste with a hot cup of coffee!"

"Just eat the damn thing, would you!", yells Betty her skinny nosey associate and rival. The witch who stole Tom, even though Tom doesn't have a clue that Elena exists.

"Don't you have any work to do Betty, besides being up all in my business?"

"You have no will power Elena! I know that you want to swallow it", declares Betty with temptation and spite.

"Leave me alone toothpick, go bother Tom, better yet go give Peter another ride!"

Peter and Tom are two guys that use Betty for her looks.

"You have too much time on your hands Elena. Peter and I never had anything going on!"

"Yeah right and my name is Heather!", responds an irritated Elena.

"Believe what you want, but in my heart I am a good person", screams a frantic and humiliated Betty as she leaves the busy office rejected.

"Damn that crazy girl gets on my nerves", exclaims an agitated Elena.

8:00am, one hour gone, seven to go, four days until the wedding, and one chocolate donut staring her in the face.

8:01, one minute gone, six hours and fifty-nine minutes to go and one devoured chocolate donut in the record books. Thanks Mr. Fields!
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