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if you are stunned on what your teenage friend,or what ever wants then look here
here is a guide for your teenage girl...ever feel like you have no clue what to get them for preasents? well this will help..im 13 and i know that alot of girls my age like these things! here is a list 1-10

1.money..yes i know its greedy but if you truly dont kno go with the girt cards to be safe !

2.clothes...american eagle,abercombie,aeropostile,all the good places!-if you dont know what to get their go with the gift cards to the store

3.i-tunes gift cards..or the i-pod if you dont have one allready

4.earings...dangly,studs...and most of us do not like (gold round balls)

5.movies...lots of us dont like gorry or scary movies..but lots of love too chick flicks like disturbia,she's the man,sidney white,john tucker must die,epic movie..funny movies like that

6.books...Twilight-twilight series.....In or out-(novel series)....the house of night-(series)
(those are all some of my favorite books ever)and every age likes twilight!

7.games....lots of games..but some are twister and other games that you can do at a party

8.viedo games.....really depends on the kind of girl actually but lots love them(guitar hero very big)

9.stuffed animals...those allways brighten up the bedroom

and finally...

10.candy....candy allways works


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