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most golfers think they are better than they are
1.  A bad read cannot be overcome with a good putt.  Only a bad putt can overcome a bad read.

2.  Most golfers think they are a good putter having a bad day.  How many times do you hear someone say, "I can't make anything today!"?  The fact is they couldn't make anything yesterday or the day before or last year. 

3.  When a good shot occurs for us we think it is well deserved good fortune.
When it occurs for our opponent we think it is blind dumb luck.

4.  Giving golf lessons all day must be the equivalent of a psychiatrist's listening to people's problems all day.

5.  I have never understood, on the first tee, the hypocrisy of wishing your opponent good luck.

6.  I don't understand how someone can derive pleasure from winning with strokes from his handicap.  If Carl Lewis gives you enough headstart you can beat him in the 100 meter dash.  What does that prove?

7.  I have never understood why people say they would "rather be lucky than good".  It's better to be good with some luck thrown in.

8.  How many times have you heard someone say the putts always break toward the mountains, ocean, highway, lake, etc.  Putts break the way the ground tilts and the grass grain grows with no other influence (with the possible exception of a strong wind).

9.  They say trees are 90% air.  So is a tennis racket.

10.  I wonder, does a person's real personality come out after a birdie or a triple bogey?

11.  Golfers have more than one handicap.  They may be a one handicap with their driver, a ten handicap with their irons and an eighteen with their putter.  Their composite handicap will be a combination of all phases of their game.

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