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Rated: 13+ · Prose · Crime/Gangster · #1394646
A Tale of Betrayal and Death
The three of us sat around the table staring hard at one another. The cocaine sat between us, dividing us more than physically. Kelsey wanted to try it and then flush the rest. i wanted to sell it, with the baby coming i could really use the cash. Vern on the otherhand was convinced that who ever lost it would be looking for it and would kill us when we were found. So he wanted to go out in an orgy of happiness. And so we set the scene. A dimly lit room. Three friends disagreeing over a matter that very well may be life or death
After what felt like an eternity of hard looks and calculating gazes I finnally spoke up "We could split it. Kelsey take your line, Verngo kill yourself and i'll handle whatever is left along with the consequences.
"No" you screamed in that heated "your're going to be a father. You have to live and can you reall sell this shit and be able to look at your child without guilt"
You always knew what to say Kelsey. Damn you. You were right. As i mulled over the situation more Vern looked down and opened the bag "I'm doing it. Who ever loost this is looking for it and i'm not going to let them kill me. If we dump it or sell it they will. They probably will anyway just so we can't tell anyone about it"
I slapped his hand away from the bag "Lets all just go clear our heads for a bit and then talk about this more" We all went into different rooms for a few to cool off. After a short while of paceing and getting nothing done i wandered to the bathroom. On my way past the office I herad Mike, Vern's boss, talking.
"Thanks for calling me Vern. I've had to stall my buyer for days looking for this"
"What? I just called you up here for advice. Its yours?" I could hear him back away from Mike. This didn't sound good, but Mike was a reasonable guy and i hoped he would take it and walk away. "Please Mike just let us walk away from all this. They're my frineds and I promise they won't say anythi..."
Two shots echod through the door. I heard Vern's bocy hit the wall. I imidiately bolted for the study where you'd went to read. Within arms reach of the door i heard the office open. "Kelsey! Run!" tore from my throat as i slammed through the door. You looked up from Vern's copy of the Upanishads, a little smile on your face, just in time to see the blood burst from my chest. My vision went red and I hit the ground. I
I don't know if you ran, or died, or had planned the whole thing, though i doubt that last one. But i woke up three days later in a hospital room. The cops guarding my door said there was no sign of you or the coke. They kept me there for three weeks. I wasn't to badly hurt really. The bullets passed through me missing anything vital. Small caliber wounds shouldn't have kept me down for so long, But the DA insitsted i was a flight risk on charges that were never really made clear to me. Suffice to say the kept me in the hospital and out of jail, but again I don't understand why.
It was almost a month before i could go back to the apartment where our lives changedso much. I wander the rooms looking for anything of you. anything to prove you were there and either wne t down with me or at least fled. Mike Zhou looks so good on paper and i never actually saw him shoot anyone so he was let go with a clean slate. It was assumed i couldn't shoot myself in the back so i wasn't suspect to anything. That only left you. Disappeared the night of the incident after an anonymous 911 call i assume you placed and the Cocain missing. Where did you go? I searched for days and found little evidence you were ever there at all. A Vault bottle in the kitchen, a few strands of curled red hair, and the copy of the Upanishads you left on the table in the study. thats all there was of you.
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