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The Nature of God
What an amazing concept! This God.
A being that a majority of people deem to be all powerful, all knowing as well as omniscient and omnipresent. These are some big shoes to fill, especially when it is our interpretation of this divine being that we are trying to fill them with.

If I attempt to interpret Him/Her/It, I fall into a trap. As soon as a description or concept is put forward, the true nature of what ever “It” is becomes limited. Please allow me try to attempt some form of clarification.

Imagine with me if you would an empty space, a space that is completely void of energy, it has no boundaries but for now we will place it in a water jug. Within the emptiness of the jug we can place anything. Now, introduce, let us say a walnut. The void is no longer a void and it is no longer possible to fill it with anything we want! “Why?” I hear you yell. “Because there is a walnut in the middle of it!” I respond.

By the mere introduction of an element into the jug I took away its limitlessness. I, somehow made it smaller.

Now take this concept if you will and apply it to “God”. If you can, which by you can’t, imagine a new space. One without any boundaries and a perfect vacuum. As soon as we introduce our walnut the nothing or no-thingness we limit its possibility.

So it would seem that for this particular deity to exist in the form that we in the western world believe, it would have to exist only in the context of  pure possibility, only in the idea of a limitless vacuum, which as I mentioned is a state of no-thingness. How else could it be?

For me, the place that I describe is a place that is uncreated, or not created yet. It is the realm of creation itself it is in the mind somewhere, the imagination even the “collective consciousness. We should spend less time trying to put God in a box and give Him a label in order to make our beliefs somehow more tangible and more time being the person we think we should be. God will show up everywhere and in all situations if we take the time to stop worrying about whether we are right or wrong about him.

Lets face it God is a paradox, somehow, nothing and everything all at the same time.

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