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by Logan
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Looking back on life....
Sometimes I sit and think
of all the memories of yesterday
and, I smile
to think of how much my happiness
has grown....

Sometimes I sit and think
and I wonder where all the time has gone
or, what is time
people change just as the time changes
but, does time bring on the changes
or does life change the time?
And do we smile to think of the changes
that time has brought to us?
We are caught up in time
with days turning into months
months into years
And in those years of time
exactly what have I accomplished
or, haven't I?

Sometimes I sit and think
of you, my love
a smile reaches my lips
as your presence engulfs my heart
and the memories dance in my mind
I see you smile and your eyes twinkle
I hear your voice softly in the shadows
the strumming of your guitar
is sweet music to my ears
your presence is so vivid
I want to reach out and touch you
yes, my love, I miss you

Sometimes I sit and think
of all my dear friends
and you pop into my thoughts
with your eyes so blue
and even true
Your thoughts sincere, your voice so gentle
but yet, we drift apart
you in your world
me in mine
and I miss you at those times
and even though I never really told you so,
there's a little spot in my heart
saved just for you
yes my friend, I love you

But then, sometimes I sit and think
wondering where all this is taking me
you my love, have moved away
but never far from my thoughts
you and I, my friend, are drifting apart
but never from my heart
so I sit here alone
with happiness exceeding it's limits
and I know the changes in my life
brought on by time
or life itself
Has given me the truth of my
the meaning of my
and the freedom to live
all of this to the fullest
But best of all
it has given me the wisdom to know my many

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