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...going with the flow.
I took a trip to the beach on a spring getaway
and spread a blanket on the sand
to relax in the sun.

While a Carolina band played beach music
on the pavilion,
a lovely lassie parked her blanket next to mine,
and we started to talk.

Soon the crowd began to gently sway,
as couples did the shag
in the sand.

When the strains of “Under the Boardwalk” drifted our way,
my young neighbor took me by the hand
and said, “Let’s dance!”

I balked at first, saying, “I don’t know how.”
She smiled and persisted with,
“Just go with the flow,
like Elvis does.”

Swaying her hips to the syncopated rhythm,
she soon had me shaking my pelvis
to the pulsing beat.

People started to gawk,
but we were in a world of our own,
oblivious to the scrutiny of peering eyes,
all through our day of fun
in the sun.


*Note*AUTHOR'S NOTE: For those unfamiliar, the shag is a type of dance popular in southeastern parts of the U.S.A. It's a toned-down version of the jitterbug.

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