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"For once in my life, I am speechless – my heart, once pounding in anticipation..."
You notify me, again, in loud, engaging trash talk:
Today’s not my day! 
For once in my life, I am speechless –
My heart, once pounding in anticipation of victory,
Has suddenly stopped beating.
I have just given the match away,
With the most careless shot…
And I have watched my opponent make the most unusual
Comeback, roaring to the finish line
With brash and hearty style,
Rubbing in my defeat
With gritty emotion.
I was once young and strong,
A most fearless and reckless champion,
Trading blow after blow with my competition…
Now I often fade away, helplessly grabbing my throat –
I could be the international choking symbol!
I love the sport so much!
I owe them all an explanation for this uncommon failure;
They will all get emotional, regretting my painful conclusion,
Then all will be forgiven,
And everything will be forgotten.
The sport will move on to the next opportunity
For pleasure, effort, and perhaps cruel pain –
For fear will never have a place in sports.
Continue to strive for greatness,
And live free –
Free from fear,
Free from regret,
And free from the urge to surrender!!
Never give up!!
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