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Many ways to help reduce single parenting among African Americans.
Single African American Parents

         Single parenting happens within  all races. There are studies however that show African Americans have the highest rate of single parents.  I believe there are many ways that we can help lower the amount of single parenting. Lowering the statistic will help both the single parent and the children. I believe this happens mostly with young teen woman that do not understand, what all goes into being a parent. That is why I think one of the best ways to help reduce this problem would be to educate all the young adolescences. Educate these students about safe sex and the causes of not having safe sex. I would also suggest starting a parenting class in school to teach these teens what it would be like to be a single parent. Have imitation  baby’s that need all the attention a regular baby would need. Have the students keep the baby for 2 days and nights. This will teach the students how much sleep the  lose at night, how often they need to eat, be changed, and also how you can not just go out and party after school cause you now have a responsibility. I feel that would be a big eye opener for those students use to doing after school sports or other extra curricular activities.  I would also have students(females) where a pregnancy suit for a whole day while going to class and doing all the regular activities. I think they would be pretty tired after one day of wearing that. However with the suit yes they can take it off, but if it was a real baby you would be stuck caring around the baby, there is no taking it off. Having the students do this I think would give the girls  some idea of how different their life would be if pregnant.
          The other important way to help prevent single parenting could be by making sure that parents have a good open relationship with their children, meaning the parents will discuss the consequences of having unprotected sex. All the things they would have to deal with if they were to get pregnant or were to get someone pregnant. It is important that children know they can talk to their parents about love, sex and relationships in general. I feel that  some adolescences will not be so curious or feel the need to find out for themselves. It is also important to have that good open parent child relationship so the young teens will not feel the need to hide things from their parents.  I also believe that it would be a helpful idea if you had some single parents come speak at the school or have a event. This way everyone can hear about all the life changes these single parents have made and what some of their hardest struggles are with being a single parent. I feel that this would also be a very positive way of getting through to these young teens that are having unprotected sex and what the consequence may be.
         I know that all these different solutions will not stop all single parenting but hopefully it will lower the amount. It will also help those that end up as a single parent know what they have ahead of them. This way the parent will hopefully have an understanding of how to raise the child safe and healthy. As long as we are trying to educate, reach out to these young teens, and be willing to have resources for them that is about all you can do. In hopes that it will lower the amount of single parenting among the African American culture.
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