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Tragedy's don't always end with any closure or understanding.
I no longer tumbled, although I was unaware that anything had changed. I didn’t notice the smooth cool stone under my face and chest, or the high, thin touch of open air. At their fringes, my senses tasted the immense expanse of sky. Beneath me the old stone insisted against my face. The hands at my sides felt its ancient, flawed strength. The danger of another fatal plunge tugged on my nerves. Along my back the breeze whispered of distant horizons and striding crests of upraised illimitable rock.
I was alone. Once I cried out my name, for a moment the sound echoed back to me, vacant and forlorn under the wide sky. Then it vanished into the sunlight and left no trace. Then the stone spoke to me, telling me many stories, of which I share this one with you.
The ancient stone of the world has known love which the world has forgotten. Ah stone the bone of the world. Forlorn and unregarded. It weeps eternally, yet none heed its sorrow. None hear its endless plaint. It has been afflicted with desecration. It has suffered rage. In its grief and understanding it speaks to me of Fathers. This is one story of which I dare to speak.

The Stars are the bright children of the universes birth, the glad offspring of the Creator, trapped inadvertently by the same bindings that imprison our souls. They can only be set free by the severing of time. Hence their keening: they mourn the lost grandeur of eternity. Bound by the laws of the universe these laws are illimitable, they both sustain and threaten the processes that make existence possible, for without casualty and sequence there could be no life, no creation, no beauty. No evil. Thus the paradox of all existence.

for my two favorite sisters,
Bev and Sheila

Try as I might I can't seem to find where the words came to me or the reason I choose to write them. Because of two special women who now choose the path of silence with me and do so even despite their love for me. Tragedy's don't always end with any closure or understanding. To the two of you, I say only this- I sincerely wish and hope that you find yourselves before life takes too much of your true selves away.
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