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Where are the atoms coming from?

                                  "See yourself before you were born!"

        Jane pauses on the advertisement. Is this a joke? It had been a silly day.
        So many clients. She wished she had bought some mangos. The
        bannana would have to do. There was an 800 number. Why not?

        Well, it took twenty minutes to get through the survey. Now, a man
        with a thick middle eastern accent is asking for her credit card number.
        This is not a good thing.

        Jane lies down on her couch and stares at the minispruce christmass
        tree still potted on her television. Another middle eastern man ask her
        to place her phone on her belly.

        He is chanting to her belly. She is feeling stupid. "When do I learn
        something?" Jane asks the strange chanting man on the phone.
        He continues to chant at a higher tone.

        She stares at the cat puking on her new rug. The man asks her to go
        outside and greet the first person she sees. Jane wants to hang up.
        Her day is almost over; why not?

        Jane opens her front door. Ring! Ring! Ring! It's Muzzy on his bicycle.
        "Hi." her day just got weirder. Muzzy is wearing his @Wonder Woman

        "Hi!" Muzzy responded and hopped off his bike. "Who's on the phone?"
          he asked. Jane stared blankly at Muzzy with her mouth partially open.
          The man on the phone is telling her this is her furture husband.

        Jane switched off the phone. "Do you want something to eat?" she asked
        Muzzy. "I'm always hungry! Let's have pizza!" Muzzy marched into Jane's
        house. She followed with a blank expression.

        Reflections: The gates of Heaven are always open over the burning bush.


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