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An interesting opinion on money and materialism
Let me ask an interesting question. Which is more important, materialism or spiritualism? While the debate on this issue can go on forever and arguments can fly from both sides, what I will try to bring forth here is an interesting aspect of materialism that seriously undermines its importance and significantly strengthens the importance of spiritualism.

But before that, I’ll say something about my own beliefs, so that no one mistakes me for being biased in my opinion. As in the case of religion, in this case also I will take the middle path. I believe both materialism and spiritualism has a role to play in everyone’s life. Endorsing one completely and rejecting the other is not a very wise decision in my opinion. And so, whatever I am going to write next should not be taken as a tirade against materialism and in favor of spiritualism. It is just an uncommon way of looking at a very common thing. It is not intended to win or lose any argument. It is only intended to open the windows for further enquiries.

The epitome of materialism is money or currency. All material desires can be satisfied by money. And so everyone desires more and more of money. But think a little deep and ask yourself on what foundation the concept of money is built? How does money or currency in any economy work. A currency note is nothing but a promise to the bearer to pay him the designated value when the currency note is presented by him. So, when you come to think of it, a currency note is nothing more than just a promise. And all of us have faith and trust in that promise. We believe in that promise. And this is how the economy works. What happens if someday all of us lose faith in the money and we all go to the central bank and demand the value of the currency note? The whole economy collapses.

Strange as it may seem spiritualistic ideals like promise, trust, belief, faith, etc are the bases on which the materialistic empire is built. The whole banking system of a nation is built on the confidence that people have on the system. Can all the material backing of the banks safe them from doom if people lose this faith and confidence?

And why only banking, every business transaction is based on the trust between the mutual parties more than paperwork? What if someday all the people engaged in business decide to cheat each other and don't trust anyone? You can certainly imagine the chaos and disaster that will ensue.

In today's business scenario it is not enough to sell products. The products that are sold should also have to be made valuable. So the seller will have to have more and more faith on his products and its value, and as a result he will have to be more spiritual.

In today’s times, one of the hottest buzzword in the corporate world is Corporate Social Responsibility. But what is CSR? It is nothing but a step closer to the ideals of spiritualism. Doesn’t this show that in ideal world there is a chance for both spiritualism and materialism to survive and thrive? You can make your own decision. 

But what I will suggest is, the next time anyone argues with you and claims that materialism is everything, just smile at his ignorance and move on.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1397253