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Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Thriller/Suspense · #1397931
Fictional short story. Crime/Drama/Mystery
I see this girl walking down the street. I have some coffee. Black. No sugar! Same as usual: The cozy seat next to the window, Rapid Joe’s Diner. Crash, there goes another cup, the waitress seems to be new, haven’t seen her before. I stare at the wall, it’s full of movie-posters. The African Queen? Overrated! If it comes to 50’s classics it’s Witness for the prosecution all the way! About 90 percent of the other flicks are just exploited camp. I get a call. This time it’s serious! I pay for my cup O’ coffee and order a take-away one (I’m gonna need that one badly). Oh yeah, almost forgot to give tips. 5 O’ clock pm., I arrive at the crime scene. About 15 people in a circle position. 2 of em’ forensicians, some eye-witnesses, José, Mary... I don’t know the rest of em’. I have to take a look for myself. Damn that looks horrible! I’ve seen much in my life but I will never understand it. Somebody says the body was discovered 2 hours ago. Female, completely disemboweled! If I were to guess I would say she was about 30 til 40 years old. The attacker is estimated to be about 6 feet tall and a left-hander. There’s something lying next to the corpse. It’s a leather-glove, the attacker must have lost it. I recognize that kind of gloves, those are usually sold at the Jailbite outlet. 6 O’ clock Jailbite outlet: I’m asking for information about customers that bought leather-gloves in the last week. Never had so much luck the first time: Only one customer bought these pair of gloves and he’s listed as “regular guest”. Something – pm. (My watch broke, I’ll fix it later), I found out the address of our main and only suspect. Nice little house, not too shabby. I ring the bell. No response. I’m ready to walk away again, but there’s some strange noise. Footsteps! “Stop police!!!” I follow an unidentifiable silhouette. He runs into a blockhouse-backyard. No way back. He’s trapped! “Turn around now!” He slowly turns around. I look into his eyes, they are ridden of fear. On the second look I notice it’s just a kiddo, couldn’t be more than 16 years old. He reaches for something. He takes out a knife. One of the most important things I've learned in my training days is how to handle armed attackers but I never thought that I would have to use that ability against a kiddo. Until now! I see this girl walking down the street. I have some coffee. Black. A pinch of sugar! Rapid Joe’s Diner Sunday 9 O’ clock pm., the watch is fixed now! Only one smashed cup today! I know there’s some nasty shit going on in the world and I will never understand it. I look at my badge “Detective Skinner”, same old fuzzy nerd! I pay my cup O’ and order a take-away one. Damn I’ve forgotten to give tips today!
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