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Within weeks of marriage, what would you feel? nervous? scared? happy?
Sig. My Indian totem, the White wolf

*Flower2* MY SECRET *Flower2*

Have you ever heard of a feeling
of pure terror and dread?
and it's all related to a feeling
that's in your heart, and your head,
something pulls at you in your mind,
trying to tell you which way to go;
but the fear that is so strong
inside you, makes you think
this isn't so,your stomach will
churn,and you start to second
guess yourself;when all alone
you just had to accept the
truth of what you felt.

The fear that you have is
just a natural expression,
listen to your inner self,
there is truly a lesson,
free your mind from all thought,
so this inner thought can come in,
let your spirit loose to
become free,the meditation
you do, will allow you to see,
the true meaning of all this,
and what it means.

For some one experiencing
true love for the first time,
for that person, it can be
a very scary thing in their mind,
this is what my mother
would call having "cold feet" ,
a thing someone goes through,
when love is felt after they meet,
do not fear love, when you feel
it so deep inside,as I've found out,
love can make you laugh,cry, and smile,
me? scared of love?yes! I Know so,
and this secret of mine now you know.

Written by: C. Cissy Wright@3/9/08
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