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my prose inspired response prose by The Cowboy ~ 2006
"Soul Destiny [18+] by destinydances


Dawning ~

The sun is out, but a cool breeze flows through the open window of my empty, darkened room. Although this room has been here forever, I had forgotten about it...and stumbled upon it again unexpectedly. Pictures of me from younger days, and times before which I can't remember are on the walls. I partially brush a few dustwebs with my bare hands as some cling to the light fabric of my white dress. I take a seat on the floor in the corner, alone...slightly back from the window lest anyone happen by and see me here. I pull my knees up and wrap my arms around them. My hair is partially up, and I feel the breeze from the window tousling the free strands. I watch through the opening the events of my life. No one can touch me here. There is no door. I sit almost meditatively, the universe shines in my eyes...but no one can see it. For hours, or days, or maybe years I sit...I can not calculate the fragments of time. I hear a sound. I watch more intently out the window but see nothing. I inhale deeply. Again, the sound. I turn my head from the window to look at the rest of the room. Slowly, you step from the shadow of the furthest corner and approach me...eyes on mine...we speak without words. I ask, "How did you get in?" You say, "I've been here all along."


Inseparable ~

I hear my own voice calling me. Unsteady steps move me forward as my tentative hands feel through the chilled darkness. I know not where I am going - nor where I have been. I continue to follow the voice. As it grows louder, the chill and darkness abates. My steps become surer as my memory returns. The void dissolves around me to reveal a room with no door. The open window on one side brings in the air and light of life from outside. Pictures on the wall represent other times I visited here, some which I begin to remember immediately - others I do not recognize. I glimpse my reflection in the glass and the blue/purple amulet that rests against my chest on a sturdy cord. I wipe dust from the frames with my hands and bits of it cling slightly to the light flowing fabric of my white cotton dress. I sit in a corner by the window, just beyond where the brightest light falls short, so as not to be immediately seen if someone happens by. Pulling my bare feet up towards me, I wrap my arms around my knees. I feel the breeze through the opening and how it moves tousled strands of my long hair. I watch through the window...observing the events of my life. My memories continue to come back to me as I realize that I have observed through this window all my life from back slightly in the shadow...sometimes smiling, sometimes crying, mostly just watching. Sometimes in a downpour I would close the window slightly, sometimes pace, though usually I would leave it open and feel the cold rain against my face. I knew the sun would be out some time, and I would feel it warm against my skin. There were a few people who paused by the open window, seeing me there, and we enjoyed conversation. One time someone walked directly up to the window and smiled. I reached my hand out toward him slowly, but before we touched he was gone. Since, I have been resigned to this position... watching and waiting. I know one day this room will, too, dissolve around me...and that another day I will be sent to a new room. The longer I sit in acceptance and awareness the more I know.

I hear a soft sound and lean slightly forward toward the window, but see nothing. Again, the sound... I turn to view the darkened room behind me as the back wall fades out and the room expands to twice the size. On the furthest wall is another open window. As the room begins to flood with light, I see you step forward. Without words, your hands extend toward me and I rise to meet you. In the moments before remembering, I wonder how you got in and you assure me "I have been here all along...I will always be with you."

"His Response" by The Cowboy

You searched but did not truly know of your search. You did not know the true meaning of what you would, or hoped you would, find; but, I was here all along. Your life has been lived in silent bondage. The chains that have bound you so tight were not put there by others, but locked tight and securely from within your own heart and soul. You have found momentary light and hopes of completing love that could warm your heart and soothe your soul, much as the faces that came to you in the window. As you see and feel the dawning light of realization fill the room, it also fills your heart and soul; as with the room they too will be forced to double in size to allow understanding for all that is, and all that is yet to come. As the dazzling light continues to consume you, the faces in the window begin to fade away as they yield to the light and become as the photos that hang on the wall. Photos to be reflected on as a pleasant light, but a light that could only be seen through a small narrow window of knowing and understanding.

Symbolic to the words I send you each day that allow you to look deep inside yourself, and to both know and understand the depths of our connection ~ When your hand reaches out and touches mine in the now lighted room, you know your life will never be the same again. My spirit will consume you, you will exist in me, I in you. But I see no hesitation when you reach out to me. When your hand takes mine, you feel the magic of our knowing connection in the form of a light cooling breeze. The cotton dress is filled with the breeze, not to lift and expose, but just hold it away from your bare body beneath, to allow you to know and truly feel the freedom I bring to you. So only the warmth of our connection is felt touching your skin within the breeze.

Your eyes on mine, you feel the exciting but comforting breeze circling you, slowly moving up your legs, up over your hips to circle your stomach, swirling and encompassing. As my gentle touch in the breeze continues to surround, your body responds as if to feel my sensual touch, you feel it move inside you to touch and entwine with your heart and soul. Finding and touching each and every inner emotion, both hidden and expressed. Erotic somewhat, but with so so much more. You feel it drawing on your mental, as well as physical energy, but stimulating and calming you with complete inner peace. Your eyes watch mine and you see them smiling at you with a silent question. You know I am taking you as mine, consuming every fiber of you, absorbing you with each swirl of the breeze. You also know you can take your eyes from mine, release my hands and step back into the dark room; but I see only content understanding in your eyes as you stand before me in quiet submission.

I step closer to gently cradle your face in my hands and softly touch your lips to mine. With the kiss the breeze stops, the dress falls back to touch your skin. The breeze that surrounded you, I now feel as the warmth of it returns to surround and moves back inside me. Words will not express as I draw you tight in my arms and your body melts into mine. You are mine. You have given me all. But you know I will respect your gift to me with tenderness, and protect it with any cost. Tears of quiet joy cloud both our eyes as we hold close. We now know the two ships that once sailed upon the sea are now just one as you and me.

I feel tears wetting your cheek as you raise your head to whisper in my ear, between your sobs of emotion, words that send chills over me. I respond, "You are home girl, you are finally home."

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