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A fun silly poem consisting of everyday play-on-words and similes.

Is your toe nailed by,
Your hammering heart?

Do your feet smell,
And your nose run?

Does the key to your heart,
Fit in the lock of your hair?

And are your nails bitten to the quick,
Or the slow?

How many cars,
Drive over the bridge of your nose?

Are your lips sealed,
With glue or with tape?

By a hairs breadth,
And by the skin of your teeth.

Your foot has fallen asleep,
Should we wake it up?

And your lead foot,
Has turned to gold.

You lost your mind,
And someone has stolen your heart.

And how many flowers,
Can grow in the roots of your hair?

Have writers block,
Or writers square?

Have you straightened your elbow?
It's crooked on your shirt.

And your kneecap should face forward,
On your head.

You had a bad hair day,
Or was it a rabbit?

You are filled with hot air,
Or at least helium.

And do you push your bellybutton,
Until the elevator doors open?

Most of your taste buds,
Won't bloom until spring.

And my best pajamas,
Were stolen by the crook in your arm.

Have you plugged the cord,
Into your eye socket yet?

And how many people,
Live under the roof of your mouth?

You blinded a needle,
When you stuck it in the eye.

Have you gone to the bees' nest,
To get a comb for your hair?

And has a brush with death,
Made your hair any straighter?

Are you tongue tied,
With rope or with string?

I see you have crows feet,
And blue bird feet too.

In your eyes, I see two pupils,
But where is the teacher?

And how many times have you skied,
Down the slope of your nose?

Is your stomach full,
From the corns of your feet?

And did you get the two side burns,
From the hot, hot, hot stove?

And how many fish have you caught,
With the hook in your nose?

How many hairs have you on top of your Head?
I counted 30, including the rabbits

You're the apple of my eye,
And also the pear.

You have butterflies in your stomach,
And moths in your mouth.

Your legs are rooted to the spot,
And your throat is all clogged up.

Your tongue, it feels like sandpaper,
And your mouth it feels like cotton.

Your legs have turned to jelly,
And your mind has turned to mush.

Tears are running down your face,
And running out the door.

I'd say a lot more,
But the cat's got my tongue!
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