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Good intentions DO breed immorality.
Hissing ophidian acid field crawl
hypocrites lying to us all.

Lying with the dogs of ashtray addiction
lethal injection burns us within
embers replace Holy oils
burned with the Consecrated snake from heaven

Burning through night stars will die
Kissing the ones who tell their lies
forget in me and I’ll tell the truth
What kind of idol would want you?

Ashes from the long since buried
poured onto our virgin Mary
Ripping tear through flesh will snap
Making love to those who lost us

Licking your wounds with cyanide touch
blue and purple heroin rush
Speckled eyes with anger spark
alive and burning from the ark.

Forgiven sinner spits fire
Saints pour angels iron cast
licking away at the hand that feeds
slipping away from the hand that breeds

Pour on the burn baby
lick it all up
lust evildoer star struck
Burning Bible full of lies.

Little lies haunt the night
Hunting for their savior
You say that you’re good enough
So you’ll go out and save them.

I’d like to see it while the scorned all writhe
swallowing overdose insecticide
cup full of innocent’s blood
sweeter than wine cursed from above.

Don’t grant forgiveness for the lost sheep
roast ‘em alive they’re what you will eat
to be one of us you have to act it.
Mock yourself in the mirror.

Making idols forgetting their shape
worship in the belly of the snake
hissing in the tongues of deadly nitrogen
asphyxiate holier snap begin

Zombify masses scream beg now bitch
Light bottle vinegar for the eyes
slipping pills of toxic energy
nuclear bomb ticking inside of me.

Liar in the flesh and bone
pouring blistering screams into the altar
store the sacrificial pet of hades
under the olive tree made in flesh burns

And they say we know our way
so they all come to lead us astray

If God abandoned us it was because of you
but you Preach blindly on and make more trouble
I watch as sacred rituals go up in flames
You dance around them
rotting strip dancers.

Sing your praises sky high
heap of bodies

In the name of long dead it’s okay
letting the skeletons lead the way.
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