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Being female, I thought I would try to write a love poem as a male.
Her sensual velvet voice,
a mystical flute solo,
soothes and caresses
desires to make mellow
the anxious beast
only she can see
in me.

She astonishes.
People watch in awe.
Graceful moves,
a splendid lynx.
A vision of delight,
she dances
for me.

She enters my world.
Elegant cream lace lingerie,
delicate sweet honey skin,
stunning violet-blue eyes,
erotic contrast
ebony skin,
we blend.

I feel satin eyelashes
brushing my rough skin,
butterfly kisses,
Could this beauty
be a simple love;
for life,
for us?

She doesn't know.
I am a caged tiger,
fierce and majestic.
I crave softness.
For her, I lavish
diamonds, pearls;
only her.

Designed by Gods,
she is my cosmic twin.
My prowl tempered
by her sensitivity.
Her stunning beauty
made holy by
our love.

Two lovers
entwined by destiny
seen in star-filled skies
on cloudless nights.
She is mine,
I am hers.

By Kathie Stehr
Edited 2022

50 lines
152 words
Feb. Quote: A Simple Love (in Body of poem)
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