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Rated: 18+ · Script/Play · Gay/Lesbian · #1402924
a scrip about a a girl
Deanna was in her bed sleeping when her mother started yelling
Mrs. H: what?! No that’s not what I fucking wanted!
Deanna jumped up with her hair all over her head.
Dee: MA!! [yelling]
Mrs. H: What?!
Dee: shut your mouth!
She put her head in the pillows and threw the covers over her. Her mother popped her head in the door.
Mrs. H: Sorry. Its time for you to get up any ways
Dee: For what?
Mrs. H: you’ve got to go to the meeting
Deanna picked up her clock
Dee: what does that say?
Mrs. H: 7:35 AM
Dee: when that 7 turns into a 12 then you can talk to me
Mrs. H: Get up child. NOW!
Dee: [sigh] fine!
Mrs. H: I’ll be at the office if you need me
Dee: What ever [getting out the bed]
Mrs. H: don’t forget to get you brother from practice
Dee: I won’t [going in her bathroom]
Her mother left out the door. After she took a shower she was brushing her hair when her phone rang.
Dee: hello
Don: Hey baby
Dee: hey Don
Don: what are you doing today? You want to get together and do some uh… tango
Dee: [sigh] I got to go Don
She hung up the phone then grabbed her keys and went out the door in her heels, True Religion jeans, purple spaghetti strap shirt, Baby Phat jean jacket, white Dolce and Gabonna shades and purse. Her neighbor was in her garden watering the flowers
Dee: Good morning Mrs. Chambers
Mrs. C: Deanna its so nice to see your bright face
Dee: aw your lawn is beautiful
Mrs. C: my grand daughter is coming into town today
A green car came down the street with a loud bass. It pulled up in front of Mrs. Chambers house
Mrs. C: oh she painted it
Deanna’s mouth fell open. The girl stepped out the car. She had on a pair of dark wash baggy blue jeans a purple polo. She had on a pair of purple Nikes and shades. Her hair was in braids, she had a tattoo on her forearm and her ears pierced all the way down. She came over and hug her grand mother.
Jamie: Hey Grandma
She gave her grandmother a hug
Mrs. C: Jamie, its so nice to see you. This is my Neighbor Deanna
Jamie: [taking off her glasses] What it do shortie
They were shaking hands
Dee: Is that your car?
Jamie: [giggle] yeah that’s my baby. Pretty aint she?
Dee: yeah
Jamie: wonna ride?
Dee: [looking at her cell phone] oh I cant I’m late for something.
Jamie: Rain check?
Dee: yeah
Jamie: it was nice to meet you
Dee: yeah see you around
She let go of Jamie’s hand and got in her car and pulled off. The whole time she was at her meeting she was thinking about Jamie. All she could picture was her light skin her muscles and her car. Before she knew it the meeting was over and she had no idea what went on. She got in her car and picked up her brother
Bryan: took you long enough
Dee: I don’t get no hey, how you doing?
Bryan: I’m sorry. Hey sis how are you?
Dee: I’m good
Bryan: now what took you so long?!
Dee: I got here as fast as I could.
Bryan: try not driving like a grandma and you would get here faster.
Dee: what bit you in the ass today?
Bryan: nothing I just had a bad day
Dee: I see
They got home. Bryan hopped out the car and looked at Jamie’s car
Bryan: Damn Mrs. Chambers is doing big things
Dee: that’s her granddaughters car
Bryan: Daughter? The girl has got to be a dyke
Dee: in the house
Bryan: what?
He walked in he house Deanna bent down to pick up a stick out of the front yard. Jamie was sitting on the back of her car eating a peach. She checked out Deanna for a second.
Jamie: nice jeans
Deanna stood up and walked over to Jamie
Jamie: True Religions
Dee: you don’t look like the type of girl to know True Religion
Jamie: one of my ex’s is into fashion
Dee: Label whore?
Jamie: just like you
Dee: I am not a label whore
Jamie: ok miss Dolce glasses and Jimmy Chew shoes
Dee: ok you caught me on my label day
Jamie: sure tell me anything
Dee: what are you eating?
Jamie: a peach
Dee: why?
Jamie: I’m from Georgia that’s all I eat… dim Georgia peaches
She giggled to herself
Dee: ew
Jamie: have you ever ate a…peach before?
Dee: no
Jamie: do you want to?
Deanna giggled a little bit and smiled like she was embarrassed
Dee: maybe
Jamie: Maybe we can work something out
Deanna’s phone rang she pressed her Bluetooth
Dee: Hello
Don: Hey what you doing?
Dee: what do you want Don?
Don: you baby
Dee: Do me a favor Don and grow a heart
She hung up the phone
Jamie: Boyfriend?
Dee: soon to be my ex.
Jamie: is he a pig?
Dee: yeah I don’t even know why I date him
Jamie: why don’t you get with me and see how all that will change?
Dee: Maybe I will. But right now I have to go cook dinner. Call me?
Jamie: of course
The switched phone numbers and Deanna was walking towards her house
Jamie: Deanna!
She turned around
Jamie: I really do like those jeans
Dee: I know you do
She walked in the house. Bryan was on the couch playing a video game
Bryan: you guys dating yet?
Dee: mind your business
Bryan: Deanna has a girlfriend
Dee: And you don’t how does that make you feel?
Bryan: fuck off [walking up the steps]
Dee: watch that language
She laughed and walked in the kitchen. After she cooked she was in the kitchen on the counter eating. Bryan walked in the kitchen
Bryan: why didn’t you tell me that dinner was ready
Dee: oh by the way dinner is ready [sarcastically]
Bryan: one more time fuck off
Dee: I love you too
Bryan: why you sitting in the kitchen?
Dee: Because I can
Bryan: no because from this window you can get a clear view of that girl working on her car [looking out the window]
Dee: go to your room
Bryan: you know its true [walking out the kitchen]
Deanna turned back to the window and saw Jamie was on her phone then her phone rang she picked it up off the counter
Dee: hello
Jamie: enjoying the view?
Dee: you can see me
Jamie: lets just say your brother is not quiet
Deanna giggled
Dee: you caught me
Jamie: how bout you come over here and talk to me
Dee: ok
She hung up the phone and went outside and sat on the bench next to Jamie’s car
Dee: so what are you doing?
Jamie: I thought I heard something when I was driving up here but [closing the hood] I was wrong
Dee: so your from Georgia?
Jamie: [wiping her hands] that I am. And your from little old Hampton VA. Huh?
Dee: no I’m from Maryland. I just live in little old Hampton VA
Jamie: I never would of guessed
Dee: what does that mean?
Jamie: you don’t look like your from up north.
Dee: sorry to disappoint.
Jamie: oh you didn’t [sitting next to her] so how you boyfriend
Dee: oh lets just not talk about him.
Jamie: he don’t treat you right?
Dee: no he treats me fine. He try’s to buy me nice things and take me out but he want it to lead to one thing
Jamie: sex
Dee: yeah and I fell like I’m sleeping with him to pay for the shit he buys me.
Jamie: break up with him
Dee: I’ve been trying the boy doesn’t take very good hints
Jamie: what kind of hints are you sending?
Dee: well I told him that he’s an ass and I never want to see him again
Jamie: and?
Dee: he showed up to my house four hours later with some popcorn and a bag full of DVD’s like it never happened
Jamie: wow he’s a dumb ass
They laughed. Deanna’s phone rang
Dee: hello
Mrs. H: where are you?
Dee: next door you need me?
Mrs. H: yeah I do
Dee: ok I’ll be there in a second
She hung up the phone
Dee: I got to go
Jamie: call me
Dee: if I get time [getting up]
Jamie: ooh playing hard to get are we?
Dee: if that’s what you think I’m doing
Jamie: bye Deanna
Dee: bye
She went in the house her mom was standing by the door reading her mail. Deanna hopped up on the counter and grabbed the box or cereal off the counter and opened
Dee: hey ma!
Mrs. H jumped
Mrs. H: Jesus Christ child you scared the shit out of me
Dee: see that’s where Bryan gets all of his bad language from. You owe a dollar to the swear jar [she put a handful of cereal in her mouth]
Mrs. H: what ever Deanna. Did Bryan eat?
Dee: Yeah I cook its in the oven.
Mrs. H: ok who were you talking to?
Bryan: [walking in the kitchen] her girlfriend
Mrs. H: girlfriend?!
Dee: she is not my girlfriend. that’s Mrs. Chambers granddaughter Jamie
Mrs. H: I didn’t think that was a girl
Dee: she is
Bryan: and she would know I mean she was basically undressing Jamie with her eyes
Dee: hey how about you run along and go find a toy to play with before I have to shove this cereal in your mouth
Bryan: [walking out the kitchen] but you didn’t deny it
Mrs. H: what ever I’ll be up in my office if you need me
Dee: [eating some cereal] yup
She walked out the kitchen Dee turned around and looked out the window and saw Jamie’s legs sticking out form under the car. Deanna giggled and kept eating cereal then went upstairs in her room. She changed into a pair of track shorts and a tank top then laid across her bed and started to read her book. Her phone rang
Dee: yellow
Jamie: that’s cute
Dee: what?
Jamie: the way you answer that phone
Dee: I’m glad you think so
Jamie: then again everything about you is cute
Dee: aw that was sweet
Jamie: yeah I know
Deanna laughed
Jamie: what are you doing right now?
Dee: laying on my bed reading a book
Jamie: oh my god you’re a nerd
Dee: I am not!
Jamie: no I think you are
Dee: what are you doing?
Jamie: sitting on the back of my car
Dee: ooh so fun
Jamie: there’s nothing else to do down here in Virginia
Dee: yeah I know
Jamie: why don’t you come keep me company?
Dee: why not. I’ll be down in a minute I have to put on some pants
Jamie: no you can leave the pants off its just less for me to take off later.
Deanna laughed
Jamie: you think I’m joking
Dee: I’m coming
Jamie: that what I like to hear
Deanna shook her head and hung up the phone. A few minuets later she came out the house in a pair of sweat pants and a tee shirt. She walked over to where Jamie was sitting on her car smoking a black and mild in a pair of track pants and a sports bra.
Dee: where are your clothes
Jamie: what the point of having on clothes? I think we should run around naked
Dee: right. And smoke?
Jamie: from time to time it calms me down
Dee: what do you have to be stressed about? [leaning against the car next to Jamie]
Jamie: life girl
They laughed
Dee: no really what are you stressed about?
Jamie: don’t worry bout it I don’t want you thinking bout my problems. I just met you
Dee: I want to know. Who better to tell your problems to then a complete stranger?
Jamie: you want to be a psych major don’t you?
Dee: I considered it as a minor. But don’t change the subject
Jamie: drop it Deanna
She flicked her ashes took a puff and looked at Deanna who was glaring up at her.
Jamie: What?
Dee: tell me?
Jamie: no
Dee: tell me why you wont tell me then
Jamie: no
Dee: that wasn’t a question
Jamie: your bossy
Dee: Don’t change the subject
Jamie: I cant tell you because its about you
Dee: ME?!
Jamie: yeah
Dee: what I do I met you thins morning
Jamie: not actually
Dee: what are you talking about?
Jamie: you remember three summers ago when you were at summer camp?
Dee: yeah…how did you kno…
Jamie: you remember that little hyper crazy female that use to bounce around all happy go lucky?
Dee: yeah…not really
Jamie: come on think. That one that you use to share your blanket with outside at the campfire.
Dee: oh that girl with the braces and short hair cut… how did you know…
Jamie: that was me
It took Deanna a second to process Deanna looked up at Jamie but she was already staring down at her.
Dee: that… no…not with you looking the way you do now
Jamie: the last three years have been good to me and to you too it you don’t mind me saying so
Dee: no I don’t mind but… damn!
Jamie: yeah
Dee: so is that what is stressing you out?
Jamie: no its something a lot deeper
Dee: your not going tell me?
Jamie: no not right now
Dee: fine be that way
Jamie: I will don’t worry
Dee: see now you stress me out
Jamie: want some [offering her the black]
Dee: uh no
Jamie: are you going to be this shy in bed
Dee: in bed? Counting your chickens before they hatch huh?
Jamie: there’s one thing about me you need to know [sliding off the car]
Dee: what?
They were standing face to face now. Jamie put the black out with the car wiped away the ashes and put it behind her ear. Deanna stood there looking up at Jamie because of the three of four inch difference. There was a silence and Jamie got a little grin.
Jamie: I always get what I want
Dee: yeah? And what do you want?
Jamie: you, naked, laying across that bed waiting for me.
Dee: and if that never happens
Jamie: like I said I always get what I want
Dee: if you think so
Jamie: oh I no so and don’t act like you don’t want it [she took a step closer]
Dee: and if I don’t [she stepped forward]
Jamie: don’t worry you’ll come around [stepping again]
They were now chest to chest Jamie looking down on Deanna gazing up into her eyes. It was a lustful stare. Deanna’s breathing sped up a little when Jamie ran her fingers tips down Deanna’s arm
Jamie: are you worried?
Dee: no
Jamie: am I crossing a line?
Dee: no
Jamie: good
She leaned down to give her a kiss but a car pulled up behind them. Deanna jumped backwards Jamie sighed when she saw that it was one of her friends. A short dark-skinned girl got out the car in a pair of basketball shorts and a hoodie. Her hair was braided and she had on a sweat band. She had small diamond studs in her ears which sparkled when she walked under the street light over to Jamie. Deanna’s heart was beating and she was trying to catch her breath and process what would of happened if the girl didn’t pull up
Girl: Jamie what up my nigga
Jamie: hey Selena
Selena: you don’t sound excited to see me
Jamie: naw you got bad timing
She flashed a glance up at Dee who was looking at the ground in a world of thought with her hand still on her heart
Selena: oh am I blockin?
Jamie: no…not exactly
Selena: you not gonna introduce me to your girl?
Jamie: she’s not my girlyet but this is Deanna
Deanna was snapped out of her thought when she heard her name she walked up a few steps to be closer to them. Her legs were weak so she leaned up against the car.
Dee: hi
Selena: this the girl you was talking about on the phone isn’t it?
Jamie looked at Selena in shock not believing what she ad just said then looked up at Deanna who was looking back at her with one eyebrow raised
Dee: you talked about me on the phone?
Suddenly getting the strength back in her legs but her heart was still pounding.
Jamie: I may have mentioned you
Selena: try thirty minutes of non-stop talking about you
Dee: oh thirty minuets
Jamie: thanks Selena did you need something? Or did you come over here to just ruin my game
Selena: uh yeah do you still have that Bluetooth I gave you earlier I need it back.
Jamie: yeah
She walked to the side of the car
Selena stepped next to Deanna
Selena: she really does like you don’t let that whole I’m a gangster shit get in the way. She’s really a cool chick.
Dee: yeah?
Selena: yeah
Dee: thanks
Selena: fa’ sho’
Jamie came back to the back with the Bluetooth.
Jamie: it didn’t work on my phone any ways
Selene: here
she gave Jamie the Bluetooth out of her ear
Selena: this one wont connect to my phone so it should connect to your no problem
They switched Bluetooth’s
Selena: I have to go I have a shortie at the house that’s ready call me
Jamie: yup
Selena: bye Deanna
Deanna: bye
She got in the car and left
Dee: thirty minuets?
Jamie: what
She hopped back up on the car
Dee: you met me this morning what could you possibly talk about for thirty minuets?
Jamie: just generic thing nothing serious.
Dee: I thought you were from Georgia how do you know Selena?
Jamie: I met her last year when I came up
Dee: where did you meet her?
Jamie: the skate park
She was playing with the Bluetooth. Deanna grabbed her hand Jamie looked into her eyes
Dee: stop fidgeting your making my even more nervous
Jamie: why are you nervous?
Dee: honestly I don’t know
Jamie: you going to let go of my hand?
Dee: do I have to? [a whisper]
Jamie: [whispering back] no
They looked at each other for a long second the time ticked by as they looked at each other. Jamie leaned forward. Deanna’s normal breath was choppy and uneven she had to think about how to breath.
Dee: I don’t know if I can do this
Jamie: you don’t have to
They were still whispering both of their breaths were uneasy. Their faces were so close they could hear each other breath. Jamie was the first to break the silence
Jamie: what do you want to do? [looking in her eyes]
Dee: I don’t know my head is swimming
Jamie: you ok?
Dee: yeah. I think I should go in the house.
Jamie: if that’s what you want
Dee: yeah
She stood there for a moment. Jamie smiled
Jamie: you going to go?
Dee: I’m trying to get the feeling back in my legs
She giggled Jamie sat there with a smile on her face.
Dee: ok I’m gon…yeah I’m going in the house
She let go of Jamie’s hand reluctantly and walked up to her house she looked back Jamie was still sitting in the same slouched over position she was in when Deanna was there smiling at her. Deanna walked in the house and leaned on the door after she locked it. She closed her eyes, tried to get her breath under control and get the feelings back in her legs. Her brother came down the steps and tapped her on her shoulder she jumped and turnrd around.
Bryan: chill. What’s with you?
Dee: nothing you just startled me
Bryan: why are you leaning up against the door?
Dee: I just came in the house. Why are you awake?
Bryan: I was watching a movie and I got hungry. Why were you out so late?
Dee: I was talking to Jamie
Bryan: talking or making out with?
Dee: talking. Dude go get some food and go to bed
Bryan: yup
He walked in the kitchen Deanna not able to stand any more leaned against the doorknob. She used the wall to get to the steps and walk up. She got to her room and sat on the end of her bed.
Dee: What the fuck just happened?
She laid back and went to sleep. In the morning she woke up and her door was open she looked over at her night stand and saw a letter propped up between her lamp and her picture frame. She go up brushing her hair down and grabbed the letter. She sat on the edge of the bed and opened it


Yeah this is kind of weird but after last night I couldn’t stop thinking about you. I don’t want to get in between you and your so called relationship so if you want me to back off I will. I know you’re a straight girl but I have these… I don’t know… crazy feelings and I don’t know how to explain. Look just call me when your ready ok


She got up and took a shower. She came out the bathroom in a acid washed purple skirt and a black tank top then grabbed her phone off the night stand and called Jamie.
Jamie: hello
Dee: your not good at saying your feelings are you?
Jamie: not even a little
Dee: I understand
Jamie: I’m glad someone gets me
Dee: what are you doing today?
Jamie: I was going to slap the wheels back on the old deck and go skating
Dee: you really do skate board you weren’t kidding.
Jamie: no I skate its something I like to do.
Dee: your kind of complex
Jamie: thanks?
Dee: no I like that your complex it means I’ll never be bored.
Jamie: there’s one place that you definitely wont get bored
Dee: is there always a sexual undertone to everything you say?
Jamie: most the time
Dee: thanks for the heads up
Jamie: no problem sweetie
It got quiet like they both had something to say but didn’t know how to say it
Dee: how did you get the letter up in my room
Jamie: your little brother let me in this morning while you slept. You know you talk in your sleep
Dee: yeah I know. Oh god what did you hear?
Jamie: my name
Dee: oh god
Jamie: its ok that’s all I heard.
Dee: good
Jamie: you want to come to the park and watch me skate. I might bust my ass but it’ll be fun
Dee: I would love to but I have something’s to do around the house. My clothes wont wash themselves.
Jamie: [giggling] I understand that one. Ok I’ll call you when I get back… if that’s ok
Dee: yeah its fine
Jamie: ok bye
Dee: bye
They hung up the phone. Deanna grabbed her bag of clothes and went out to the guarage to wash clothes. She was loading the things in the washer when she heard her name. She turned around and Jamie was skating up the drive way in a pair of dark blue Coogi jeans a yellow Ed Hardy shirt a pair of yellow Nike’s and a yellow hat.
Jamie: nice skirt
Dee: nice skateboard
Jamie: thanks my brother go it for me on my 17th birthday.
Dee: nice he must love you I wish my brother would get me something for my birthday
Bryan: [walking up with a soccer ball in his hand] fuck off
He went in the house Deanna laughed
Jamie: do you guys always do that?
Dee: yeah don’t you and your brother?
Jamie: I have 4 brothers and I try to limit our conversations to avoid the whole dyke thing
Dee: they don’t like it? [sitting on the dryer]
Jamie: my family is very Christian and conservative when it comes to most things
Dee: damn I’m sorry to hear that
Jamie: its all good. You have the most amazing legs in the history of ever
Dee: thanks
Jamie no problem
They smiled at each other.
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