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Naliah,is forced out household struggles to find relationships with people she can trust
One summer morning long- ago, Nishi found herself standing before a love she thought she would never find, listening to the breeze of each word presented out of Joseph’s mouth, Nishi knew he was the one. All morning Nishi’s mother Tiana had been scolding Nishi, telling her to keep out of grown folks business, warning her that she needs to respect her elders. Nishi was angry, and impatient. In the next room her dad layed ill under the day care of the doctor.

Nishi decided to take a walk in the park. She wanted so badly to be a lone , away from the commotion at her house. As she arrived to the park, Nishi found a bench under a tree. She sat at the bench enjoying her peace and freedom. A short male figure stepped to the side of the bench were Nishi sat and sat on the bench leaving a space in between them.

This guy observed Nishi’s every move. He had never seen a girl so beautiful. Her complexion shined like diamonds in a field of snow. Her singing touched his heart ,then he knew she was the one for him, finally he gathered the courage to speak to Nishi.

“You from around here?” he said softly

“Yes, I am ,Why do you ask?” Nishi said

“You’re a beautiful girl, I don’t remember seeing you around here” he said sweetly

“ Nice meeting you my name is Nishi”

“My name is Joseph, So how old are you” Joseph asked eagerly

“I’m fifth-teen years old” Nishi said softly

“I’m twenty- two” Joseph said

“I have to get home, maybe I’ll see you around” Nishi said

“ Can I get them digits before you leave” Joseph asked shyly

“Sure” Nishi said

Nishi headed home, she dreaded going back. For her house contained nothing of her interest. When she entered her house she went straight to her room. She closed the door behind her and she laid on her bed. Nishi heard pounding on the floor above her. Then she heard screams, the screams became louder and louder. Nishi yearned to be invisible, to stop living. The commotion of her mother being beat by her father increased and Nishi began to cry. It seemed like Nishi’s dad had been beating her mother for ages, and when the stomping and screaming died down, Nishi realized her father faked his illness

Nishi felted lonely, like she had been casted away from life. Voices sounded near-by and Nishi been to shiver.

“Nishi!” her dad yelled frantically

Nishi saw his legs standing in front of her bedroom door. His sharp tone told Nishi her punishment would measure a greater depth then her mother’s. Then she saw her dad slowly opening the door to her room. Nishi held her breathe and waited for her dad’s command for her to come to him.


The distress Nishi sensed in her dad’s voice was as sharp and painful as the lash of being burned by fire in the face.

“Come here, girl!” her dad yelled loudly

Nishi’s dad walked over to her fast like a solider on the battle field fighting a war and he caught hold of her hair, he dragged Nishi across the floor and threw her into her dresser. Blood began running down her face, she watched her father as he threw all of her belongings out of her closet and dresser draws.

“You will never live under this roof again, for you are a disgrace to me and yo mother” Her dad said sharply

“But dad I have no where to go, For I am your daughter, please don’t make me go” Nishi said in a irritated voice

Her gentle words made her dad even anger, he walked across the room and slapped Nishi in the face.

“You have five minutes” Her dad sharply as he exited out of her room

Tears flowed down Nishi’s face and she packed her belongings and headed down the stairs, where her mother and father sat on the couch. Her mother placed money in Nishi’s hand and she pushed Nishi out the house. Nishi looked at the streets and she headed to the park she found a bench in the way back and began to cry. From that moment things began clearer for her she realized that her parents never loved her. She beaten out of her senses and forced to live on her own.

Chapter 2:

Hunger stole upon Nishi so slowly that at first she was not aware of what hunger really was. For the first time in her life she had to pause and wander what would happen to her next. Joseph seen Nishi sitting in the park and he headed towards her.

“Nishi, how are you doing?” Joseph asked

“Not good at all” Nishi complained

“ What’s the matter?” Joseph asked

“Yesterday my dad pretended he was ill. Then when I got home it was another story. He beat my mother then he beat me and kicked me to the curb, not even caring about my well being” Nishi said sadly

Joseph opened his mouth but no words came out, his mind had frozen with horror. Joseph then moved closer to Nishi, he wrapped one arm around her waist and took his other hand and dried the tears off her face.

“Things will be okay, You can come stay with me” Joseph offered sweetly

“No, I can’t I hardly even know you” Nishi said

“ Its beats being on the streets when any harm or danger can come to you, So please come” Joseph said

“ Okay , Joseph I’ll go live with you” Nishi said softly

Joseph took Nishi by the hand, he lead her to his car and they headed to her house. When they arrived to Joseph house, Nishi was surprised to see how beautiful and unique Joseph’s house was. Joseph opened the door to his house and he took Nishi to her room.

Nishi been to unpack her belongings, when she was finished she laided on her bed wondering why Joseph is being so generous to her.

A few hours later, there was a knock on Nishi’s bedroom door. Nishi raised up from her bed to answer the door.

“Yes, Joseph” Nishi said sweetly

“You want to go hang out? Joseph asked

“Look Joseph, I don’t want you to get the oppression that me and you go be together I’m only fifth-teen and I can’t handle all this right now” Nishi said

“I’m not trying to come on to you I want to be yo friend” Joseph said

“As friends I guess we can go hang out together”Nishi said sweetly

“All right then we going to the State Fair”Joseph said

“That’s cool with me”Nishi said

Joseph left from Nishi room to go get dress and she closed her door and began to get dress. After she got dress she went down stairs and there stood a tall handsome figure leaning against the couch.

“How you doing?” Nishi asked politely

“I’m fine, you must be Nishi”

“Yes I am, and you are?” Nishi asked

“Michael, sweet heart”

“ Are you related to Joseph? Nishi asked

“ No were just friends” Michael said

Joseph came down the stairs and the three headed outside to get in Michael’s car.

At last they reached the State Fair with all the millions of people, walking around laughing talking and having fun. Nishi noticed the long lines of people waiting to be seated for the Pre-Mya concert. Joseph took Nishi by the hand and they got in line with all the other people waiting to see R&B singer Mya, perform.

“ So, how are you holding up” Joseph asked

“I’m okay. I guess”Nishi said

“Why you so quiet?” Joseph asked

“ I don’t know, why?”Nishi asked

“ You never really talk, that’s why”

“ I just have a lot on my mind right now”

“ I know you do but, When you go stop worrying so you can be happy?”

“I don’t know”

The State fair turned out to be a good thing in Nishi’s life she had fun spending time with both Joseph and Michael. They made her feel apart of the world again, like her life was actually worth living even though she doesn’t have the proper love from her mother and father.

Chapter 3:

After Nishi had outlived the shocks of childhood, she learned other ways of life, that she could stand on her own two feet. She went to school for an education at the age of seventeen she graduated from high school with honors, She was later accepted to a college in Atlanta, Georgia.

One afternoon Nishi became so ill she had to go to bed. Joseph would attend to Nishi’s every need , trying to make her feel better but her sickness got worser and worser. Joseph took Nishi to the hospital and there they learned that Nishi is three- months pregnant and the pregnancy caused her to develop severe symptoms of emphysema due to second hand smoke.

Nishi had to stay in the hospital for six months. She felt like she was in a prison even though Joseph was always by her side trying to make her feel better during the last six months of carrying their unborn child. She celebrated her eight-teen birthday in the hospital , on the same day she give birth to there baby girl Divine, and was released from the dreadful hospital she spent six months of her life in.


Two weeks later Joseph and Nishi moved to Atlanta, Georgia for Nishi could go to college and pursue her dreams while raising a daughter and pleasing her man.

Nishi life now depended upon her career, raising Divine and pleasing Joseph. One morning when Nishi came downstairs, she knew at once that something was wrong in her home. Her daughter divine, as usual, was not at the table upstairs in her bed sleep. Joseph nodded Nishi to sit down. This is when Nishi learned that her man has been cheating on her while she has been trying to make a living for her family.

“Baby, please don’t be mad at me” Joseph said

“ No, I’m disappointed but why be mad when I haven’t been here for two years to fulfill yo needs” Nishi said softly

“ So, your not mad at me” Joseph asked

“ No baby everyone makes mistakes just don’t do it again” Nishi said sweetly

“ What you doing today” Joseph asked

“ Taking Divine to her beauty peagant auditions today” Nishi said

“ I’ll go with you all”

Four weeks later Nishi could not believe in her feelings ,her personality went numb and she began to be over whelmed by all of her surroundings. Still Joseph had no job and his cheating rate began to increase rapidly. Nishi last semester of full- time school was slowly coming to an end but things at her house seemed to be getting worse. Nishi knew what was wrong but she didn’t know how to correct it.

This was the first time Nishi ever regretted being the fiancee of Joseph. She felt like her getting an education is slowly breaking her and Joseph apart. Nishi went to school that day and she returned home early to her surprise Joseph was there sitting at the table with his head down.

Nishi walked over to the table and she sat next to her man.

“Joseph, baby is everything okay” Nishi asked out of concern

“ No” Joseph responded

“What’s the matter honey” Nishi asked

“ I can’t live this way, I miss my family you don’t deserve me after all the bad I have done to you” Joseph said sadly

“Listen Joseph I’m your girl and I will stand by your side through the stormy weather, through good times and bad baby I’ll always be here for you. You know me better than any man on earth, you make me feel worthy to belong to you. I treasure my commitment to you please don’t take it away from me” Nishi said sweetly

“ I’m not happy living here Nishi, I have another baby on the way with another women”Joseph said softly

“You’re my angel I can’t just let you go , we can move back to Los, Angeles anything you want I’ll do Just don’t walk out on me or your daughter” Nishi said

“ Your not understanding I don’t love you any more I want out of this relation ship”Joseph said sharply

“Guess my love is not good enough for you to stay. all the things I did for you , telling me you want to spend the rest of your life with me while all alone you was setting me up for this” Nishi said

“ I’m sorry it seems that way but this is how things are going to be” Joseph said

“ With all my trust and every little kiss I can’t believe you played me out like this” Nishi said

Joseph went upstairs to his room and begin packing his belongings . Nishi sat at the table and tears begin to run down her face. A few minutes later the door bell rung, Nishi dried her eyes and answered the door.

“ Who is it?” Nishi asked


Nishi opened the door to the house. There stood this pretty young lady. She seemed a little older than Nishi. She had a Carmel colored complexion she was black and Asian. Her hair was long and curly she seemed really nice.

“ Can I help you?” Nishi said

“ Yeah is Joseph here?” JoLisa said

“ Yeah his upstairs you can go up there” Nishi said

“ No I’ll wait for him down here” JoLisa said

Nishi let her in the house she sat on the couch and Nishi sat at the table. Divine came down the stairs and she sat on her mothers lap.

“Mommy, were is daddy going?” Divine asked

“ His going away “ Nishi said

“ Were to?” Divine asked

“ Back to his own house in California with his family” Nishi said

“ But I don’t want him to go” Divine said

“ I don’t either baby but me and your dad aren’t getting alone” Nishi said

Joseph came downstairs with his belongings. JoLisa stood up and grabbed one of Joseph’s bags. Joseph walked over to Nishi and Divine he kissed both of them good-bye ,then him and JoLisa exit out of the house. Divine heart was broken she began to cry and Nishi comfort her in her arms.


Each day of Nishi’s life now had a sharp meaning to it after the desertion of Joseph. Nishi hired an at home nanny to watch over Divine as she finished her college years. When Divine got old enough to go to school , Nishi found a home schooling program for Divine could have a more advanced education.

Nishi graduated from college five years later. She is now twenty- three years old and is an elementary school teacher. Divine is seven, and now attends a public school.

Finally summer came once again and Nishi finally had time for her daughter Divine. Nishi decided that is was time for her and Divine to take there first family vacation together she had been planning a trip for them to go to for a long time. In a few weeks her and Divine will take a trip to the Bahamas then to the Caribbeans.

When Nishi awaken one morning , she received a call from Joseph she had not talk to him for five years now.

“ Hello” Nishi said

“ Hey sweetie, How have you been? Joseph asked

“ I doing good, and you” Nishi said

“ Feels like I just walked out of heaven , Feels like I done threw my life away I just want to make things right with you” Joseph said

“ You late for that it’s been five years your daughter is seven now” Nishi said

“ I know I want to come see the both of you”

“ When?”

“ Right now”

“ Your in Atlanta now”

“ Yes I am”

“ I guess that would be okay then”

“ I got my son with me, You remember JoLisa?”

“ Yes I do, Why”

“She died two years ago do to her poisoning her self”

Nisha got off the phone with Joseph and she took a shower and got dress. She went to Divines room and made her get up and get dress and clean her room. Then Nishi went down stairs and began cooking breakfast. Divine came down the stairs and she sat on the couch and begin watching tv.

“Your dad will be here in a little while” Nishi said

“ Really mommy” divine asked

“ Yes baby girl” Nishi said

Just as Nishi begin fixing Divine plate the door bell rung. Divine got up from the couch and answered the door.

“Who is it ?” Divine asked softly


Divine opened the door and there stood her daddy with this little boy. Divine jumped in Joseph’s arms and she hugged him and he kissed her on the cheek. He entered the house and closed the door behind him. He put Divine down and she took the little boy by the hand and lead him to the table and they ate breakfast.

Nishi walked over to Joseph and she hugged him. He kissed her softly on the lips. She took him upstairs to the room they once shared together. He sat on the bed and Nishi sat on his lap.

“ My daughter is beautiful just like her mother” Joseph said

“ You know it “ Nishi said

“ I missed the both of you so much you just don’t know”

“ I missed you too I ain’t even go lie, I graduated from college with my bachelors degree”

“ That’s good mommy I own my own business now”

“ You know what thanks for being a good father to Divine writing every day and paying child support made her feel good about herself even though were separated.”

“ She’s my baby girl, I love you Nishi you think there’s ever go be a chance with us getting back together?’

“ Maybe”

chapter 6
Nishi opened her eyes and everything seemed white. She looked around and felt pain in her arm she looked down at it and noticed and IV needle was plastered in her arm. And she began to scream but Joseph rose up from the side of the bed and he calmed her down.

"What happen?"Nishi asked trying to sit up in bed but she couldn't cause she felt unbearable pain in her stomach.

"You been in here for two weeks Nishi. You fell under coma when I asked you to be my wife "

"Why is my stomach in so much pain?"Nishi asked rubbing her belly

"You had a miscarriage,it was a boy"Joseph said sadly holding her hand

"A miscarriage?"Nishi repeated

"Yes"Joseph said looking her straight in the eyes

"How did I kill my baby?"Nishi said with tears fallen down her eyes

"The baby was not developing right and you fall hit the edge of the table extermely hard, you lost alot of blood"Joseph said wiping the tears from her eyes

"When am I going home?Where is Divine?"Nishi exclaimed

"In two weeks and Divine and Jajuan are both at my sisters house"Jospeh said

Nishi didn't say a word she just laided there in silence looking at the ceiling until she dose off in a peaceful sleep again.

Two weeks later Nishi was released from the hosptial. She walked into her house.

"Surprise!" Joseph beamed as Nishi jumped back, startled by her children and Joseph family yelling from the dinning room table, which were appropriately decorated with green, silver and black "Welcome Home" balloons.

"I don't believe this!" Nishi grinned shyly."She grabbed Joseph and hugged him close.

Joseph loved when Nishi smiled. It made him feel joyful to know that he could trigger some of her happiness. Even though in the past he caused her so much pain. Divine and Jajuan ran over to Nishi and helped her in her seat at the table.And they both kissed her on the cheek. Joseph's sisters cheered loudly as he leaned over and kissed Nishi passiontley.He was surprise that Nishi didn't resist she actually kissed him back and her face was glowing.

"Hey Bro Jo," Joseph sister Andra,interrupted their moment."There's no room for that here Jo. Nishi has to be shared with everyone tonight." Andra gave Nishi one of her trademark smiles and she prayed over the food that they were about to eat. After eating dinner Nishi sat around with Andra, and her girlfriend Sure and talked for hours.Joseph and his friend Fonze put both Divine and Jajuan to bed. As the two came down the stairs Joseph smiled;he was pleased. Everything was perfect. Nishi was glowing in happiness.

"Man Jo, have I told you that is one fine woman you got?"Fonze said, following Joseph in the den to watch the football game,interuppting Joseph thoughts.

"You've mentoned that since Nishi came back home. But, I don't need you to tell me that.For the last two weeks I have woke up to her everyday." Joseph said sharply.

"You know if you weren't my bestfriend, I'd take her from you" Fonze said slowly, looking over at Nishi.

Joseph turned the tv off and he got up from the couch and started walking back to the living room.

"Don't be so touchy, Jo. Man I was just kidding. As fine as Nishi is, I know she only has eyes for you"Fonze sighed loudly

Joseph shook his head and he walked over to the couch and sat next to Nishi.

"It's getting late Jo so we go head out, Nishi it was nice seeing you again"Andra said as she hugged Nishi.Nishi walked Andra, Fonze, and Sure to the door she said her last good-byes then she followed Joseph upstairs to her room.

When they got in the room. Joseph hugged Nishi tightly

"Joseph, I can't breathe"Nishi said

He untighten his grip on her then he looked her in the eyes

"I love you Nishi and I want us to be together until death do us apart. I know I hurt you in the past but I promise that I will never walk away from you and Divine again"Joseph said as he knelt on one knee, sliding a diamond ring on Nishi finger. Tears filled Nishi eyes she had always dreamed of this day and she didn't think she would live to see it but God blessed her again.

"I love you Joseph and I will be honored to be your wife" Nishi said hugging him tightly.Joseph laided Nishi in the bed right on top of him and he held her tightly until the both dose off to sleep.

Chapter 7:

The morning light streamed brightly through the bedroom windows and the strong,warm rays upon Nishi face awakened her. She turned over, reached for Joseph and opened her eyes,surprised to find his side of the bed empty. She glanced at the clock on the nightstand it was almost noon. She sat up in the bed and went in the bathroom to freshen up. She washed her face and felt a warm arm wrap around her waist. She looked in the mirror and smiled.

"Good after noon princess"Joseph said turning Nishi to face him.

"Hey baby"Nishi said smiling as she kissed Joseph on the lips.

"Princess,I have to work today, I won't be working long I have some paperwork to finish.I'm wrapping up a proposal for the expansion of the youth clinic I told you about I told the bank I would have it ready by monday."Joseph said

"I wish you didn't have to work today"Nishi said softly

"You sound disappointed"Joseph said

"I just wanted to celebrated our engagement,you know take the kids out to have some fun together as a family"Nishi sighed

"I'll be back in a few hours then we can take them out.There next door anyway I wanted you to have some peace for once.So just relax and be ready by 7pm"Joseph said as he kissed Nishi on the cheek and exited out the bedroom. After Joseph left Nishi put on her bikini bathing suit.She walked through the family room,and glanced at the pool and spa area.She turned in the kitchen to make her some fresh squeezed lemon aide before she decided to go outside and soak in the swimming pool. Once she got in the kitchen the phone rung.She picked up the reciever on the second ring.

"Hello"Nishi said

"Hey Nishi this is Fonze"

"Oh, how are you?"Nishi said

"I'm doing pretty well,Andra and Sure just stopped by my house and we were worrying if it was okay to come over to come keep you company?"Fonze asked

"Sure,bring swimming attire because I'm getting in the pool,I'll leave the back gate open for the three of you"Nishi said

"That will be appreciate,See you then"Fonze said as he hung up the phone.

Nishi made lemon aide.The she made some appetizer morellza sticks,onion rings, reheated some hot wings and placed them on the studio table out side along with the lemon aide.When Fonze,Andra, and Sure arrived. Nishi was already in the pool.They joined her.

"Hi,Nishi!"Sure said as she jumped in the pool holding Andra hand.

"Y'all crazy"Fonze said as he stepped in the pool siting next to Nishi

"So Nishi why you home alone today?"Andra said holding Sure in her arms

"Joseph had to work and the kids are next door"Nishi said smiling

"That's sweet of Joseph to let you enjoy a day with some peace and quiet"Sure said splashing water on Fonze

"Yup sure is,Fonze were Kayla at?"Nishi said

"She with her mom like always"Fonze said

"Well I don't know about you two but me and Sure hungry"Andra said rubbing Sure stomach

"There's food on that table help ya'll selves"Nishi said

Andra and Sure got out the pool and went over to the studio table to eat. Fonze looked at Nishi and sat in the water with her in silence.

"So Fonze, why are you so quiet?"Nishi said smiling

"I'm just enjoying the warm breeze"Fonze said

"I hate it when you do that"Nishi said

"What?"Fonze said

"Everytime you come around me your always quiet like you don't have much to say to me"Nishi said

"Oh,I'm sorry I guess this is my first time being around you when Joseph not around"Fonze said

"What do you mean?"Nishi asked curiously

"Usually Joseph is here speaking for you when I try to speak with you"Fonze sighed

Nishi lifted herself out the pool.And she just stared at Fonze and he smiled.She felt goose bumps on her arms and she didn't know how she could be feeling this way for another man. Fonze watched Nishi as she walked over to Andra and Sure.Nishi glanced back at Fonze but she kept talking and acting like him staring at her could go unnoticed. After a few hours Andra,Sure and Fonze left her house.Nishi walked next door.Divine and Jajuan came out the house gleaming with joy when they notice the ring on Nishi finger. Nishi took the children upstairs and she got both of them dress.

"Mommy,Is daddy going to marry you?"Divine ask as she tied Jajuan tennis shoes

"Yes,babygirl and your going to be the flower girl"Nishi said hugging Divine

"What's that?"Jajuan asked

"She's going to wear a real nice dress.Then she's going to hold and basket and throw flowers on the floor."Nishi said brushing Divine hair

"What does Jajuan get to do mommy?"Divine said looking Nishi in the eyes

"He's going to walk down the aisle in a suit,holding a pretty pillow with mommy and daddy ring on it?"Nishi said hugging Jajuan

"I love you mommy"Jajuan said as him and Divine race down the stairs to watch the Disney channel.

"Be careful you too."Nishi said laughing.

Nishi layed her clothes on the bed then she turned her shower water on and let it stream up the bathroom for a few minutes.Nishi stepped in the shower and the warm water hit her body.She closed her eyes and went under deep thought.Until she felt another pair of arms caressing her body with her sponge.She opened her eyes and Joseph was washing her body.

"When did you get here?"Nishi asked

"Fives minutes ago"Joseph said as he watched Nishi scrumb his body with the sponge.When they finish there shower.Jospeh helped Nishi out then he oiled her body with lotion and they began to get dress.After getting dress Joseph carried Nishi down the steps.She felt like a princess.Divine and Jajuan followed their parents laughing and got in the car.

Jospeh took his family to John's incredible pizza.He knew that they all would have a nice time there.Joseph paided for the table and game cards then he found a table for his family to seat at.Nishi took Jajuan and Divine to get food while Jospeh sat at the table and waited.When they got back to the table.Joseph said prayer and they began to eat.

"Princess,did you enjoy your day?"Joseph asked smiling

"Yes, baby Andra,Sure and Fonze came by"Nishi said eating a slice of garlic bread pizza

"What did ya'll do?"Joseph asked

"We went swimming"Nishi said

"You was in a bikini in front of Fonze"Joseph asked sharply

"Yes,baby is that a problem"Nishi asked

"Don't do it again you heard me"Joseph snapped

"I'm sorry Joseph"Nishi said unassure as to why Joseph snapped at her like that in front of their children. After riding bumper cars,playing golf,wininng tickets.Joseph took his family back home.Nishi put Divine and Jajuan to bed then she went in her room. Nishi returned to the bedroom and she sat down on the bed. Joseph came out the bathroom and he closed their bedroom door.He stood in front of Nishi and he got on top of her.He pinned her arms on the bed roughly and he had a tight grip on both of her wrist.

"Joseph stop your hurting me" Nishi exclaimed

Joseph slapped Nishi in her face.He busted her lip and blood started streaming down.She tried to push him off of her but he put his arm around her neck and started choking her.The more she tried to lift him off the stronger his grip got on her neck got and she couldn't breathe. Tears were streaming down Nishi 's face. Joseph ripped her pants and underwear off.And he stuck his middle finger in her vagina roughly and Nishi lifted her leg up and kicked him in the face ,the pain was unbearable. Joseph grabbed Nishi by the hair,and started beating her with his fist in her face.He laided her out stretched on her back with her arms and shirt over her face.He got on top of her and moved his super-erect penis between the front of Nishi dry thighs.She let out a scream but Joseph started choking her again.

He felt Nishi shiver and grasped for air but he ignored it,he keep hammering his penis into the front of Nishi 's vagina as deeply as he could. Nishi couldn't breathe any longer everything seemed blurry.She grasped for air but nothing came out.Joseph grip on her neck was strong and before she knew it she pasted out. Joseph was going to town in Nishi vagina so hard that the bed was moaning and Nishi head was slamming against the headboard hard enough to wake their children. He was slamming every thick inch of penis into her until his balls almost slip up in Nishi too.His whole face was twisted and contorted as he came hard inside ,Nishi slamming his penis deeply inside her making a mess on the bed. It took Joseph a long time to catch his breath,and he took Nishi shirt from over her head and looked at her. He felted her pulse and he noticed she wasn't breathing.Joseph jumped out of the bed and he packed all of his belongings that he could get his hands on and he left Nishi there to die.

Chapter 8:

The next morning Divine awaken from her sleep.And like usually her and Jajuan went down the stairs fixed them some cereal and watched the Disney channel. Hours passed and both Divine and Jajuan were wondering were their parents could be.Divine walked up the stairs,with Jajuan following closely behind her. She knocked on her parents bedroom door and she didn't get know answer.The second time she knocked the door opened.Divine and Jajuan stepped in the room and walked closer to the bed.When they looked at the bed blood was everywhere.Divine kept yelling her mother's name but did Nishi not move an inch.Tears streamed down Divine and Jajuan face.They run next door and knocked on their neighbor Victoria door. ..:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />Victoria opened the door after the third knocked.She looked down at Divine and Jajuan and she could tell something was wrong because they both were crying uncontrolably.

"What's going on?"Victoria asked out of concern

"Mommy died,and we can't find daddy"Divine wailed

Victoria rushed next door,Divine and Jajuan followed her closed by.She called out Nishi 's name but she did not get an answer.So she run up the stairs,when she entered room Nishi she screamed loudly and tears began to flow down her face.She picked up the phone and dailed 911.Then she covered Nishi body with a sheet and she took both Divine and Jajuan with her down the stairs.She helded them in her arms until they clamed down and fell back to sleep. When the ambulance truck arrived they quickly manvered Nishi body and tried revibing her. Naliah hand moved and they knew she was alive.Victoria had her daughter Kie help her put the children in her car.The ambulance truck had already left. Just before Victoria was about to shut the door.The phone rang so she answered it on the second ring.

"Hello this is Victoria, Nishi 's nieghbor"she said

"Is Nishi in?"the person asked confused

"Who am I speaking with?"Victoria asked

"Fonze,I'm one of her close friends"he said irriated

" Nishi is beind hauled off to the hosptial. "Victoria said sadly

"Hosptial,why what's going on?"Fonze yelled out of concern

"She was beating to death,looks like she was raped too"Victoria said softly

"Who did this her?How could this happen"Fonze yelled with tears streaming down his face

Victoria cried

"That sick bastard,What hospital will she be at?"Fonze asked

"Kasier Permanente"Victoria said wiping her eyes

"I'll be there"Fonze said as he slammed the phone down

Victoria hung the phone up.She locked the door to Nishi house.Then she got in her car and drove to the hosptial.

When she arrived to the hosptial.She seated Divine and Jajuan in the waiting room until the doctor came back with information on Nishi. A few minutes later Fonze,Andra and Sure rushed in the hosptial and the secetary ushered them to the waiting room. Divine spotted Fonze as soon as he stepped through the door.And she got up from her seat and run to him. He picked her up and kissed her on the cheek. He walked over to were Victoria was sitting with Andra and Sure following close behind and they sat down. Jajuan was alseep so they didn't bother waking him up. They sat in the hosptial for hours after hours in complete silence until a nurse appeared to the door and called Fonze name. He put Divine in Andra lap because she had fallen asleep.And he followed the nurse as she directed him to Nishi 's room. Fonze stepped through the door. It had broken his heart in half to see Nishi laying in that bed. He rubbed and stroked her fingers but they felt dead to his touch.

Warm,but dead.

He knew what the doctors had told him,but still he couldn't fathom the pain that Nishi must be feeling by being beaten by her own finacee and raped.

"I'm squeezing your fingers,"Nishi he'd told her when she first came out from under the drugs they had given him. "Are they numb or can you feel me even just a little bit."

"There not numb,I can feel your hand on minds"Nishi said as she squeezed his hand.

"How are you feeling?"Fonze asked

"I feel broken like living here on earth is something I'm not suppose to be doing. I had a hard life everysince I can remember and now I have two children and possibly a third one on the way to take care of" Nishi said with tears streaming down her face.Fonze sat at the edge of the bed and he wiped Naliah eyes.

"Look, Nishi don't you worry,you have friends that are not going to let you go through this on your own.We love you"Fonze said kissing her cheek

"Thank you,can you go bring everyone else in here to see me?"Nishi asked

"Sure"Fonze said as he got up from the bed and walked out of the hosptial room.When he entered the waiting room.He was smiling and from that point Divine and Jajuan knew that Nishi was alright. They all followed Fonze back to the room Nishi was in.And when they entered she was sitting up in the bed. Fonze put both Divine and Jajuan in the hosptial bed with her and they hugged her tightly crying in her arms.

"Mommy,when are you coming home?"Divine asked

"In a couple of days"Nishi said

"What's going to happen to daddy?"Jajuan asked

"He's going to go to jail when the police find him"Nishi said

"Does that mean that your not getting married?"Divine asked

"Yes babygirl" Nishi said

"But if daddy goes to jail what happens to me"Jajuan said with tears forming in his eyes.

"Your going to leave with me"Nishi said hugging Jajuan tighter

"Good.cause I don't ever want to see daddy again"Divine said

"Alright children that's enough concerns for the day"Andra said hugging Nishi

"I'm glad that your okay"Sure said handing Nishi a teddy that her and Andra purchased for her

"Thank you"Nishi said smiling

"Were going to let you rest "Fonze said as he lifted both Divine and Jajuan off the bed

"Thank you Victoria"Nishi said

"Your welcome"Victoria said holding back tears

"The kids are going to be at my house,so don't worry about them"Fonze said as they exited out the room

Nishi layed back down in the bed.And she closed her eyes and went to sleep.

Chapter 9:

It had taken three weeks until Nishi was officially released out the hosptial.Fonze had arrived at the hosptial alone Nishi with a pair of clothes to wear.After she changed into the outfit he brought her.He leaded her outside to his car.He helped her in the car.Then he walked over to the driver seat and got in the car and drove off.

"It feels real good to be out of that hosptial"Nishi said looking at the window.

"I bet it does,Were you planning on staying at your house?"Fonze asked

"I never thought about that,I couldn't possibly bring my children back there" Nishi said

"If you want Naliah you and the children can move in with me.I have alot of room"Fonze said

"That would be nice since the kids probably already know there way around your house" Nishi said sadly

"Don't be sad .Nishi Things will pick up shortly."Fonze said rubbuing her hand

"I want to stop by my house for awhile maybe you can get a truck and we could move the rest of my belongings to your place" Nishi said

"Sure"Fonze said and he made a u-turn and headed over Nishi to house. Fonze drove an umarked dirt road veered from the highway through the tall pines and sage bushes.It was the turn to Nishi spread,and it ran for miles before the actual house came into view. When Fonze pulled up in the driveway he noticed a light shining through the window in Nishi bedroom.He helped Nishi out the car.And together they walked to the front door.Nishi took her key out her pocket and she opened the front door. When her and Fonze stepped in the door they hear music playing up the stairs headed Nishi up the stairs with Fonze following close behind her. When she opened her door to her old bedroom Joseph was laying across the bed staring at the tv screen. Nishi stepped in the room and Joseph jumped up from the bed. He gaze met 'Nishi s without a flinch.

"What are you doing here?"Joseph asked as his bottle of Jack Daniel fell to the floor

"You have a lot of nerve being here after what you done to her"Fonze yelled as he stepped in front of Nishi balling his fist at Joseph

"Your wasting some valuable time here,Fonze. You don't intimidate me and I suggest that you get out my face"Joseph said sharply pointing a gun to Fonze face.Fonze stoepped back, making sure Nishi was behind him.

Joseph sat down on the bed quietly looking straight in Nishi eyes.After a few awkward moments, Nishi seated herself across from him.

"It seems like you have some explaining to do" Nishi said looking Joseph directly in the eyes.

"Now then" Joseph began, "lets cut the chase,I'm not discussing anything with you unless Fonze leaves."

"Fonze,please wait outside the door" Nishi said

"I'm not leaving you with this rapist" Fonze yelled irriated

"Please go" Nishi said

"And if you even think of calling the police, I'll kill her"Joseph said grabbing Nishi by the hair

"Get your hands off her"Fonze yelled as Joseph pushed him out the room

Nishi stared at Joseph. He leaned back on the bed lookin directly in 'Nishi s eyes smiling.

"How are the kids?"Joseph asked

"I haven't seen them in three weeks, they been staying with Fonze every since that incident" Nishi said

"I'll just bet there having the time of there life"Joseph said

"I wouldn't know that I'm not there to see" Nishi said matter-of-factly

"I warned you not to play me for a fool.I'm not about to justify my behavior to you about that incident. Fonze probably likes playing daddy to my children."Joseph mouth curled in a contemptuous sneer."I hope that digusting pig burns in hell for making you lust after him"Joseph yelled standing up grabbing Nishi pinning her down on the bed

"What are you talking about?Lusting after Fonze?"Nishi said trying to get out of Joseph grip

"Wearing bikini in front of him. Don't be naive"Joseph yelled spitting in Nishi face.

"Is this what this about?Wearing a bikini?You ruin our life over a bathing suit how stupid can you be?" Nishi said spitting back in Joseph face

"It won't take much to get rid of you?"Joseph said slapping Nishi in the face. Nishi didn't flinch she just glared at him.Joseph noticed that the pupils of her eyes were starting to change colors.He hold Nishi in place watching her as she threw back her head and laughed. It wasn't sharp or high-pitched with tension, but it reminded him of when she was fifth-teen and he had taken her to the State fair.It sounded innocent filled with pain but it was clear that confidence over took that.Joseph felt his temper begin to raise as her laugh rolled up as a mockery to him. He also hated the fact that her laughter reminded him of Divine, it was pleasing to the ear.

"Well,Joseph you should know",Nishi said trying to catch her breath "That over these years that your the only man I ever loved.I gave you life and here you are trying to take it away from me but if you kill me your unborn child will die too" Nishi said

Joseph spoke between clenched teeth."I'd be careful right about now Nishi if I were you.My patience is wearing down."He leaned forward towards Nishi face holding his gun on her head.

"Like I said if you kill me your going to be killing your seed that's growing inside of me." Nishi staring Joseph in eyes

"Look, I love you Nishi and I'm sorry for the pain I caused you. Tell Jajuan and Divine that they are the best gifts I could ever have."Joseph kissed Nishi forehead.Then he placed his gun on his head. Holding Nishi in postion and he let go of the trigger. Blood splashed everywhere on Nishi body. Tears run down her face. Fonze busted through the bedroom door.And he stepped in the room.What was left of Joseph head was laying on top of 'Nishi s body.He lifted it off of her and he helped her up.Nishi was hysterically. Fonze held her close and tried his hardest to get her to calm down. Even when the cops arrived she could barely speak.Fonze drove Nishi backed to his house. Andra had put her kids to sleep. Sure helped Nishi up to her room.Before she left out the room she hugged her and kissed her on the cheek.

Nishi lay on her stomach.She wrapped her arms around her pillow,hugging it close to her. Tears filled her eyes.She decided to treat herself to a full thirty minutes in the water and stream of the shower.The scent of vanilla spice shower gel and True Star Gold perfume fragance drifted throughout the bathroom,calming and soothing her. She turned off the water and reached for her robe. She flipped through her clothes twice before settling on a peach spagethii tanktop and matching pajamas pants to sleep in.She sat on the bed with her legs crossed under her and she turned on the tv.Minutes later there was a knock on her door.

"Come in its open"Nishi said still staring at the tv screen.

Fonze came in the room with a tray of food in hand.He placed it on Nishi lap then he sat next to her.

"Thank you this was very thoughtful" Nishi said taken a long drink from her soda

"I figured you might be hungry its been a long day"Fonze said

"Can't wait to see my children"Nishi said smiling They're going be so happy to see you"Fonze said

"Yeah. I hope so I have to tell them that I'm pregnant"Nishi said

"Are you planning on keeping the baby?"Fonze asked

"Yes.I am this unborn child deserves a chance at life" said

"That's a wise decision"Fonze said

Sure it is"Naliah said placing the tray on the nightstand

"While i'm going to let you rest.Just thought I would check on you"Fonze said kissing Nishi on the forehead.

"Fonze,sleep in here with me tonight.I would feel more safe"Nishi said turning the tv off.

"Sure, I'll be right back though"Fonze said exiting out the room.

Nishi got under the covers and she laided in the bed.Thirty minutes later Fonze came back in the rooomHe closed the door behind him.Nishi pulled the cover back and Fonze got in the bed.Nishi scooted closer to him and she laided her head on his shoulder.He wrapped his arm around her and he rocked her until she feel and sleep and he dosed off after her.

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