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Her love is frozen on the one who will not return it...all others suffer for it
*Snow2*Whispers float through the grand arched hallways
Chill breeze blows through silk curtains blue & white
Windows all along overlooking the snowy landscape
As she glides with liquid grace upon marble green & white

The dancing colors form shapes against mosaic walls
Aquamarine swirl in shifting images of sadness
Blending with her crystalline dress of icy blue
Her eyes frozen fire bold with her infinite madness

Bowing as she passes
  Servants many fall to their knees
  Men one and all, not another lady here
  Men so devoted, all ready to please
  All so consumed averting eyes in fear
Slaves of the Lord's daughter
The Princess of Ice Incarnate
Every man before her falters
In her hands she holds their fate

Her face always rigid like the cold flowing inside
Her beauty dissolves the strongest of men
Surrounded by tapestries and diamonds, riches soar high
Still her heart is locked by love that's never been

Many come to offer marriage strong and brave
Found themselves rent, broken, forever in her home
Now they grovel and serve, eternal willing slaves
As she manipulates their love and conquers their souls

  Her every whim is followed
  Every desire fulfilled obediently
  All she needs from men so hollow
  Is to worship her as they bleed
  Her smile never seen by any
  Who choose to gaze on her face
  Her eyes shards of blue hue
  Headdress of wicked red lace

  She can be seen everyday
  Walking in her mansion vast
  Or strolling through her icy gardens
  Where flowers are stiff, icicles cast
  Fountains unflowing, frozen in time
  Crystal bridges woven sweetly over
  Streams unflowing, frozen in time
  The beauty of sorrow takes her over

They live in her torment as she pays the price
For wanting the only one who melts her heart
His love is neglectful, yet still her vice
He entices then denies her, leaves her to fall apart

Her rage from this unleashed on her slaves
Condemning them to the cold she's chained in
Inside she feels nothing worth being saved
Awaiting a love that will never begin

All around her is frost
All she touches suffers
All who love her are lost
Winter like no others
All who know her pain
The frozen ocean of despair
Will try and try in vain
To show how much they care
Alone in cold solitude
A world of sculpted ice
A heart to woe and brood
Many rooms of cold device
So bow and kiss her feet
Keep clean her walking ground
Or a chilling fate you'll meet
Never again your heart be found

*Snow3*      *Snow3*      *Snow3*

~~March, 2004
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