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Women’s retort to manly taunts.

Men, you think we are too weak
In body, mind and heart.
I think it is time to tell
What’s real on our part.

We are stronger in body;
We live longer than you.
Our mind is sharper than your;
We use the right brain too.

Men don’t know women’s feelings,
Nor how women’s heart works.
Since you just can’t understand,
You say women have quirks.

What you label as our whims
Are, in fact intuitions,
Based on the millenia
Of keen observations.

No, men, we are not weak but
We pretend, being adroit.
We humor the male ego,
So that we may exploit!

* Written in abcb 7-6-7-6 format

* This poem is based upon not poetic imagination but scientific fact. The internationally accepted parameter of health is longevity. Women’s life span is globally longer than that of men’s. They are mentally stronger, too, and, as per scientific surveys, are more capable than men of bearing stressful situations like bereavement. Emotional strength of women is legendary. It has its basis in the facts that women use their right brain more than men and their Emotional Quotient is higher. As per recent scientific research, intuition is not mere whim—

* Written in response to the following review received for my poem "GENDER FRAUD, GENDER FRAUD:

“Whoa! that is some piece of information...the poem is dark, very dark and very low on hope....something i belive is what you wanted people to feel...it is very understandable since its written in first person...reading the poem made me feel as helpless as the girl herself...a really good piece of work khalish...on a personal level, i request to write a piece showing hope...for that is whats needed today...looking back at a horrifying past and a little of present only makes us withdraw more within ourselves...we need hope khalish, we need hope”

* Written initially as entry no. 369318 in the book "Invalid Item, WOMEN’S AND GENDER ISSUES. Posted as static item on 22 March 2008.

M C Gupta
29 August 2005
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