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questions that might not be answered

When some dies you ask questions, when someone else dies in less than a week later you start to question things even more. You don't understand why things happen. You want answers that most likely no one can give you, it seems like there is no one that understands your pain. The tears that come out don't have the answers you need, you have sleepless nights and fears that never go away. The questions in your head roam around free like wild animals. "why did this happen?", "Can anyone help me?","Were they sick?","Why take someone way that was so young?","Can anyone give me the answers?". You want to scream so loud that the hole world can hear you. The questions in your head will never seem to go away, the answers will never fall in your lab. Your sleepless nights will still be there, your tears that fall from eyes will end up drying, your questions will roam free for ever.....
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