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When I saw him first, he was with another. Then our eyes met and I trembled.
Darling, what a clown am I
and you play your part so well.
Another man could not see,
truth in this mirror, the real me.

You let me in your shame.
Tears are liquid diamonds.
They melt in a forgiving sea
finding us, meant to be.

We both travel from pain,
carry burdened dreams.
Lonely and lost, broken hearts
no one to glue shattered parts.

I journeyed so far to learn
treasured companions
can grow into intimacy,
without a price of insanity.

Inside you carried my smile,
gave me a shoulder to cry on.
That loving warm touch
grown from our friendship.

I can see it; radiance.
Bliss upon your face.
Precious light, brought to see,
to shine upon the hope in me.

Soothing eyes know my secrets.
Long sensitive fingers
reach and excite
the deepest place of my being.

Love like this is rare,
hands held, reach to circle life.
Your heart lies open to me,
asking only to fulfill my desires.

Ours is a precious love.
Shines like silver streams,
reaches into deep seas,
embraces all that touch us.

By Kathie Stehr
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