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How to clutch an empty space.

                          "All that I know, you know, but I know,
                          what I know, none of you know."
                                    Zen Master Mayoku Kano.

            I behold empty handed, the magazine rack at @Barnes&Nobles.
      There is a pic of Angeline Jolie, biting her shoulder. ..  I remember she's
      having twins and feel thirsty... There's the new @Bond girl, she thinks
      pole dancing is beautiful.. The original @Bond was one of several
      double O's... It's kind of silly to be a secret agent and use the same
      name on every assignment...

                    Saint Olga of Kiev, who was baptized and set about
                    converting her people with her pole dancing. "Is it
                    insatitiable desire that burns in your eyes and draws
                    you to my g-string?" her lips proclaimed as her hips
                    thrusted the pole into her secrets.

                    "When I pass over the bridge,
                    Lo, the water floweth not, but the bridge doth flow."
                              Jenye Shan-hui, Zen gatha Ways.

    I never know what to buy in a book store.. I'm such a clumsy reader.
    My mind fizzels with all the snappy blurbs and I still see things backwards.
    Hey! A new self help book... Yes! I want a flatter tummy. .. I'm never going
    to be happy?  Oh, I have to find the job I love.

                      The Dream Job:

                              I will be a massage therapist.
                              I will provide massages for the new @Bond girl.
                              Free.  I give the arch of her feet special finger rubs;
                              Buttox forward palm squeeze and back rub with
                              forarms. .. A snap spanking to left and right rump cheeks,
                              followed by a high handed slap up the bottom.
                              Hoo-ha rub and tickle with open mouth suckion;
                              until a bubbling pink is achieved.

                      I want to give more than recieve.:)

  My Advise to Ladies. .. Just have fun.  Guys are jerks. Children are the
  future... Always have your own money... Wear heeeals and PANTY HOES!

                      SuperModel Secret Agent:

                          Topless in a g-string, pink nylons and red heels:
                          @James Bond disguise is perfect. The rhythm
                          of his pole dancing is mesmerizing as he looks for

                          Da-Dah-da-dah da-da-dah! @Bond swings his tassles.
                          "Hey... lev-me give you a twenty. Hun." Muzzy is drunk.
                          "I'd prefer a Vodka Martini: shaken not stured." @Bond
                            replies while hanging from pole.

                      The world as we know it will end. Only a SuperModel Secret
                      Agent can possible pick up the peices with his teeth.

                            "Wow! How do yah hang onto that pole?" Muzzy is very

  Ho-Hum... God must be laughing.




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