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now with prologue
Cunt-The Prologue

Cunt the Prologue.

Everybody says cock
Even farm animals are named cock
but not cunt

Cocks are regularly shown on telly,
which really put you off bangers and mash,
but not cunts though.

get identical twins to each yell either cock or cunt
they'll be worn out at the same time.

say unt, then ock, the unt sounds slightly higher than ock.

outlaw cunt if you will, but outlaw cock as well.
I stand for the defence of cunt here goes my verdict:
(proceed with the power of the C-word)

cunt is a word,
a word that used to mean vagina,
but now it's forbidden,
only used as an insult.

well that's fine,
really, brilliant,
but we're all too scared of it.

Cunt is an insult,
so let's use it properly,
I mean no other word has such power,
first, there's the sound, c-blunt, u-sickening, nt-rubs salt in the wounds,
next, there's the shape of the letters, like a bullet,[CUNT]
lastly, there's the impact, everybody hates it because somebody told them it's bad,
so let's use this insult properly,
YOU CUNT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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