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I shook hands with god
I was walking in a cave when I saw a lamp. I took it home, put it in the sink and washed it. 5 minutes later a genie popped out and said you have one wish use it wisely! I went to my room and fell asleep, the next morning, I was on the ceiling. I got to the floor and I ate breakfast and got out the door. I flew to school and my friends said I couldn’t fly, so I flew to the ceiling and hit my head on a light. 3 hours later school got out and I began to fly uncontrollable as I got higher and higher, I was in Haven then I shook hands with god. I told him about my life and who I meet and how my family was after they saw me. Then I asked to go back to earth and just wanted to make my family happy and for everyone on earth to stop fighting. From that point on things got a lot better.

I was in the 5th grade when I wrote this so I hope it makes life better.

Chuck A Luck

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