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Pt 2 of the series. One day I felt like making a sequel to a standing work.
Neon-lit city streets
Nightlife ragged passion
I pass unnoticed by the dregs
Gliding amongst anxious souls of life
Carrying their tricks
  to those they mean to prey upon
I hear voices speak their nonsense
I smell their blood pumping fierce
Drifting among the littered streets
  I seek you to prey upon
My eyes meet yours
For a moment you see the Sun
Blinding ray of seduction
Entranced in your stride
Your body sways
Gliding without care
On through the crowd
A sweet face in neon light
My vision like a hawk
I always see your face
With our eyes ever locked
You advance to me
Your heart beats calmly
Your blood smells divine
Be steady in my arms
You will see the city tonight
  from far above
As we glide through the air
I drink from your veins
Tasting the sweetness of your life
Abating my hungers extreme

Sun-lit city streets
I never see outside of dreams
My bed of soil and rotted wood
  is all I am now
Severed from the life of my life
My mother's red-stained eyes are all that remains
  of a memory once so strong
My memories of life are smeared in blood
Consumed by the hunger madness
The lust to ravage man's living flesh
Trapped forever in my skin-tight tomb of the undying
Gliding silently on my wings
High amongst the thin night clouds

~~April, 1998
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