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Pt 3 of the series. Enstylic's anger is full blown.
      A deadly embrace
  my mind was swallowed
All before me now is red
      sweet, sweet blood red
The flames raging wild
sparks of burning, bursting wood
  all before my eyes
I feel its heat begin to burn me
  I step away
    watching as the flames I set
  consume quickly this forest of life
Flames hungry for the flesh
  of all that is living
Scorching the land with its rippling beauty
  splitting and roaring into the night sky
cleansing out the delicate impurity of life
I hear the screams of all the myriad creatures
  scurrying and running from the flaming Death
The endless screaming agony of all that was green
I smell their blood pumping fierce
  the fear, the panic, the blind need to flee
from the quickly spreading flames of devastation
Oh, the pleasure! The beauty of this savage death!
    I laugh
  a searing, screeching laugh
I laugh at the life dying before me....
    because of me
For I am the Darkness
The bloodsucking vengeance of all that is Evil
Soon I will sweep into the night sky
Glide upon my wings unto the world of living men
A world of constant vibrant energy
Where I roam streets of electric light
Each and every night
Searching for the one
Just the right one for the evening
The one to soothe my desires
To feed my everlasting hunger
  Like the hunger of fire itself
Draining the life from your dying heart
  from my teeth to your neck
      Your blood into me
      Your soul into me
Desecrating life I am
Deliverer of the Flames
To burn away all that lives
To ravage the light of every hope
To destroy all that has ever dreamed
I am The One
      The Defiler
  The One sent by God Himself
      anointed from His teeth to my neck
Proclaimed to be the Praetor of Endless Massacre
A bloodlust of flesh-rending death
Feeding mercilessly upon the living
Drinking your lifeblood to sustain me
  As I am damned forever
    to walk only the night
        and kill you all
          one by one

~~September, 2003
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